Royal Expert Says King Charles Should Not Abandon Slimmed-Down Monarchy

Years before King Charles became the ruling monarch, it was understood that he favored a “slimmed-down monarchy” model. In the first year of his reign, he upheld his promise of a slimmed-down approach.

But as work began to overwhelm the royals he has on hand, and it became apparent that a younger generation of royals could do the monarchy much good, experts began to speculate that he could promote Eugenie and Beatrice to the status of working royals.

However, this royal expert believes it would be a mistake if Charles abandons the slimmed-down approach for the benefit of having more hands.

Jennie Bond Reveals the Reason King Charles Shouldn’t Abandon A Slimmed-down Monarchy

Due to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and Prince Andrew stepping down as working royals, the King naturally has few royals to aid him in a year-round calendar filled with royal engagements.

Royal Expert Says King Charles Should Not Abandon Slimmed-Down Monarchy

However, he still has his wife, Queen Camilla, the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, the Princess Royal, and older royal cousins supporting him.

Recently, rumors started circulating that he might bring Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice into the royal family’s inner working circle.

With this notion, royal specialist Jennie Bond disagrees, and this time, it’s not because the two young royals are close to Harry.

She said: “I think it would be a backwards step for King Charles to change his ideas about a slimmed-down monarchy. It’s true that the number of working royals has reduced naturally, because of Andrew, Harry and Meghan and, as the Princess Royal acknowledged, they are now pretty thin on the ground, but I think the King’s concept of a small, efficient core of working royals is in tune with public opinion.”

“Beatrice and Eugenie already have a voice by dint of the royal status and both carry out charitable work when they can,” she said, going on to note that Eugenie and Beatrice are already married to wealthy husbands and it wouldn’t be right paying them to attend engagements.

But the main reason Charles should stick to his plan: “One of the constant criticisms of the monarchy is that it costs the taxpayer, too much money. So I think the King is right to stick to his plan.”

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