Michaela Updates Match Me Abroad Fans On Her Cancer

Match Me Abroad fans really liked Michaela Rajtmajerova and Harold Davisii together. The couple seemed to click together, and fans were delighted for Harold. In fact, he’s autistic and sometimes found social gatherings and conversations awkward. Unfortunately, they never got their final date together without the cameras as she was diagnosed with cancer. This week, she gave his TLC fans an update.

Match Me Abroad – Michaela Rajtmajerova Got Cancer

Recently, TLC’s Harold shared heartbreaking news on his Instagram account. He shared some photos, including one of Michaela in a medical setting. Harold’s caption read, “I love Michaela deeply, but we’re just friends. We talk often, but we don’t know the future.” The reason why, is that she heard the news about her cancer and she’s been undergoing chemo. Naturally, the news left fans feeling sad for Michaela and Harold. Many of them expressed the hope that she would be okay. Plus, they generously donated to his GoFundMe.

Match Me Abroad fans saw an update from Harold that came about two weeks later. In that post, he said that Michaela still went for treatment, but she was waiting for the results to come back for some tests. Fortunately, he also noted that she has more good days than bad at the moment. Apparently, her cervical cancer spread to her stomach so he naturally worried about her a lot.

Michaela Rajtmajerova

Match Me Abroad – Michaela Rajtmajerova Updates Fans

On Friday, Harold posted up a video that Michaela had done specifically for their fans. In it, she sat outside and confirmed that she was being treated. In fact, she still has a few chemo sessions. However, it seems that the test results came back. She shared the good news that there is no more metastasis.

Michaela Updates Match Me Abroad Fans On Her Cancer
Harold Davisii / Instagram

The Match Me Abroad star seemed to be blown away by all the love and support that she and Harold got from TLC fans. She thanked them all for being so kind and generous. Actually, the GoFundMe was specifically to help Michaela with day-to-day living costs. Many people have been sending what they can to help out,

Match Me Abroad – TLC Fans react In The Comments

Match Me Abroad fans loved hearing from Michaela. One of them said, “THANK YOU for the video. You are loved by so many people. Bet you never thought that so many people would be interested in your life by just doing a TV show. Keep smiling Michaela.”

Another one wrote, “We love you Mikaela! (sic) You are such a beautiful person. You’ve got this!”

Here’s another comment; “I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well Michaela! I’m keeping you in my prayers ?.”

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