Meghan Markle Hate Totally Overrated, “Non-existent”

Meghan Markle Hate Totally Overrated, “Non-existent”British royal family news shows that Meghan Markle has been a controversial figure from the moment she boasted to Vogue about dating Prince Harry.

The royal family was not appreciative of her thirst, and things didn’t improve from there. Among the many, many Meghan missteps is Tiara-gate, and now the other woman at the middle of that event is speaking out.

Angela Kelly was the Queen’s former dresser and claims she is being bullied, with some saying she “began a hate campaign within the Royal Family against Meghan Markle.”

Others say Meghan did that all by her lonesome, needing no help.

Kelly wants the world to know that online trolls have dinged her reputation on social media, declaring that she and Meghan actually “got on very well.”

Royal Family News: Meghan’s Tiara-gate

In fact, it could be said that Kelly is the injured party amid the royal family drama. She served the regent for a quarter century and reportedly was promised a home for life by the late Queen.

Instead, months after the queen’s September 8, 2022 death she “was asked to vacate her cottage on the Windsor estate”according to the Daily Mail.

She now lives close to Sheffield and is speaking out about the trauma of being associated with Meghan.

Royal Family News: Angela Kelly Dressed The Queen

According to the outlet, “One anonymous troll called ‘Bed Patato’ posted on Mrs Kelly’s Instagram account which led her to fight back today … ‘Aren’t you the… who kickstarted the started whole hate campaign against Meghan…leaking things, making things up… I hope u get ur karma.’”

The troll added that King Charles kicked her out of her Windsor home and that she was hated within the Royal Family. Kelly wasn’t having it.

Royal Family News: Angela Kelly and Meghan Markle

She posted “I don’t hate Meghan. You have got this all wrong. So please stop this bullying. Stop discrediting me. Megan and I got on very well. Get your facts right and leave me alone.” Good for her!

Kelly’s supporters were quick to defend her with one writing “Block this horrible person. You don’t deserve this from anyone. Your tender care was a gift and your support meant the works to Her Majesty.”

Another of Kelly’s fans posted “@bedpatato go away you absolutely horrible hateful person, this is a sad day for this beautiful lady” as it was one day after the first anniversary of the queen’s death.

Royal Family News: Who is Angela Kelly?

What we do know is that Kelly, whose temper reportedly earned her the nickname AK-47, was loved by the late Queen, who allowed her the honor of writing books about her service.

Kelly was “praised for overhauling the Queen’s image with outfits in eye-catching colours and matching hats.

As Her Majesty’s health faltered, Ms Kelly became more of a personal assistant. The monarch had once told her: ‘We could be sisters.’”

Tell us royal fans, what do you think of Kelly’s online fracas?

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