Meghan Markle Didn’t Know She’d Live In A Tiny House When She Married Prince Harry

Meghan Markle Didn't Know She'd Live In A Tiny House When She Married Prince HarryRoyal experts have been predicting that Meghan Markle wasn’t properly prepared for the Royal life before jumping in, and Meghan herself agreed to this sentiment when she told Oprah that she didn’t have someone teach her what royalty meant.

One of things she didn’t know about Harry, apart from not knowing she had to curtsy to the Queen when they met, was that he wasn’t that rich.

She reportedly also believed she could have a pick of the castles owned by the Crown, so you can guess the shock she must have had when she ended up in little old Frogmore Cottage. While most of us would gladly live in Frogmore Cottage, Meghan Markle is not most people.

Meghan Markle Found Frogmore Cottage A “Jail Sentence,” Royal Expert Claims

Before Harry and Meghan fled the UK for a life in sunny California, they had lived in two different UK properties.

The first was Nottingham Cottage – a four bedroom house where Harry proposed. They layer relocated to five-bedroom Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, where they welcomed Archie.

Speaking to Closer!, famed royal author Tom Bower said: “She didn’t realise when she hooked up with Harry that he didn’t have much money and wasn’t going to live in a palace.

They didn’t have the pressure [to make a huge income while in the UK] when they didn’t have a very large house overlooking the pacific.”

“Meghan never wanted to live in a small house in England. For her, Frogmore was like a jail sentence.”

Per a study published by the Mirror, Meghan Markle was worth an estimated $5 million prior to her second marriage thanks to her acting credits, her blog The Tig and endorsements.

However, Harry did have a reasonable amount of money when they left the UK to US, estimated to be somewhere between $20million to $30 million.

It also helped that the couple barely arrived in the US before landing several multi-million dollar deals; one from Netflix and the other from Spotify.

As for how they’re doing house-wise, just know that they’re doing almighty fine in their sprawling nine-bed, 16-bath Santa Barbara home. Talk about an upgrade.

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