MBFFL Star Whitney Way Thore Reveals Slim Figure In Crop Top

Whitney Way Thore My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL) fans can’t believe how good Whitney Way Thore looks these days. The TLC star is followed by many people who struggle with their weight, and she’s a well-known plus-sized person. At one stage, she weighed in at 380 lbs and she found out that a lot of weight gain came from polycystic ovary syndrome, (PCOS). Recently, she shocked viewers with a photo that revealed a lot of weight had dropped off her.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Whitney Way Thore Looked Slimmer On Vacation

Recently, the TLC star and her dad, Glen visited Switzerland. Whether that will be in the next season isn’t known. But fans noticed that she seemed to have dropped some weight. If you don’t know, her mom, Babs passed away and Whitney and her father have been coming to grips with their new normal. It’s been a long road, and perhaps some of her weight dropped off as her grief interfered with her appetite

MBFFL didn’t get an official release date or confirmation, but via Whitney, fans know that they are filming. Possibly, the next season will focus on the loss of her mom. Of course, TLC fans would be shocked if she wasn’t on a man-hunt again and whispers suggest the return of the anonymous French tutor. Looking at the latest photo, perhaps there will be something about how she managed to lose so much weight.

MBFFL – Whitney Way Thore Stuns In Crop Top

Whitney shared a photo of herself in a crop top and it was soon screenshot and uploaded to Reddit. There, u/simplyleen asked, “Progress with weight loss lately?” Well, unless there were some filters in the selfie, it certainly looks like she dropped loads of pounds. Actually, it looked like she dropped more weight since the photos of her in Switzerland made it to Instagram.

MBFFL Star Whitney Way Thore Reveals Sim Figure In Crop Top 1
Whitney Way Thore Via u/simplyleen / Reddit

MBFFL followers discussed the fact that if Whitney had lost a lot of weight, then perhaps she needed skin removal surgery. Meanwhile, others considered that she might still have elasticity as she’s not over 50. At the same time, some folks credited her weight loss to the fact that she has a “personal trainer” to help her exercise.

MBFFL – Using Ozempic?

MBFFL fans wondered if the TLC star is using Ozempic to help her shed weight. Actually, most folks in the community believe that she does. After all, she tried to lose weight in the past but always came up shy of her goal. What are your thoughts? Do you think that Whitney Way Thore might have started using Ozempic? Let us know in the comments below.

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