MBFFL Season 11 Will Feature A Special Tribute To Babs Thore, Whitney Thore Shares

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Way Thore recently shared that Season 11 will feature a special tribute to Barbara “Babs” Thore. Fans know that Whitney’s mother, lovingly known as Babs, quickly became a fan favorite from the first time she was featured on the show. Unfortunately, Babs passed away last fall, however, Whitney has made sure that fans know about the special tribute.

The First Show Of Season 11 Appears In Less Than A Week

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers reveal that the first show of the season appears in less than a week. Some fans believe that the decision to tape and televise Bab’s funeral is a bit controversial.

However, others are interested in seeing how Babs was laid to rest. A lot of fans feel that Babs was the life of the party and miss her very badly.

MBFFL Season 11 Will Feature A Special Tribute To Babs Thore, Whitney Thore Shares

Whitney feels that she is paying tribute to her mother by showing her funeral to the fans who loved her so much. Babs was a joy to have on the show and so much fun to watch.

Babs’ reactions to some of Whitley’s comments were absolutely hilarious. Sharing this heartwrenching tribute was a great way to pay tribute to Babs.

How Does Whitney Way Thore Justify Her Decision?

As many of you know, one key member of the Thore family will not be returning for Season 11. Babs Thore passed away in December 2022. Babs has been a huge part of the show since the beginning and she deserves a proper send-off.

“It’ll be the first season without my mom, and it starts with her funeral, so that’s going to be really difficult I think for us as a family to watch,” Thore told PEOPLE.

“When my mom was dying, she was in the ICU for about a month and we expected that she would die. And my executive producer had reached out to me very sensitively and said, would you like us to film this?”

Whitney asked her father, Glenn Thore, what he thought and Glenn immediately agreed to film this portion of the show.

Glenn Thore – Believes His Wife Should Be Mourned Publically

Glenn says that his wife was loved very publically by almost everyone who watched the show. Of course, there were times when we all saw Babs as a huge star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Babs was very funny even when she wasn’t trying to be. Babs certainly tried her best to keep Whitney in line and show her the proper Southern lady way.

Whitney also reports how the public helped her family heal after Babs died.

Whitney told PEOPLE, “When my mother died, oh my God, the support was so incredible. It was amazing to see how many people my mother affected and how she’s going to live on in so many people’s memories for the rest of their lives. That was really amazing.”

Whitney said that her father didn’t want to live without her mother. Whitney and her brother, Hunter Thore, have been helping to find things that make Glenn happy.

MBFFL Season 11 premieres Tuesday, September 5 at 9 pm Eastern on TLC. Come back here often for more My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers, news, and updates.

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