Mama June Shannon Hinting That Justin Stroud Cheated On Her?

Mama June Shannon started dating Justin Stroud soon after she kicked Geno Doak to the curb and they married, but is it over and did Justin cheat on her? Read on to find out why WEtv fans think that might be the case.

Mama June Shannon – Lives With A Liar?

WEtv fans are convinced that Justin Stroud’s a liar. They believe he lied his way into his wife’s heart because he wanted her fame and money. Since they tied the knot, he’s been spoiled with nice gifts he wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. Plus they accused him of telling lies about free tickets if people stay at a Disney Resort Hotel. Has he been lying to his wife about his relationship with her?

Some WEtv fans believe that the relationship between Mama June and Justin is all fabricated right now. So much so, that they think the couple filed for a divorce ages ago. Why is that? Well, in Mid- Agust when Alana Thompson’s mom went to the premiere of Barbie she captioned a video with “POV looking for a man in Miami.”

Mama June Shannon: Hinting That Justin Stroud Cheated On Her?Mama June Shannon – Writes A Garbled Caption About Cheating

On September 11, the Road to Redemption star went onto TikTok and later shared a video on Instagram. In it, she was waving her hairbrush around and looking a bit untidy. Speaking really fast, so not everyone could follow what she said, she helpfully wrote a caption. Mind you, some people couldn’t interpret that very well, either.

In her long cryptic text, the Mama June star said, “…im just giving my thoughts about it do you agree or no.” Then she said, “I feel if people pay attention to their relationship more instead of just looking in other areas you won’t have to look any where.” 

Mama June Shannon Hinting That Justin Stroud cheated On Her.
@mamajune / Instagram

Additionally, she wrote, “u can make your relationship better at the day or just leave emotional n mentally cheating or physjcal going iut cheating it all the same in my eyes.”

Mama June Shannon – Confusion In The Comments

In the comments section, one fan asked Mama June, “How did we go from a green tea mask review straight into a rant about cheating?… I’m lost.”

Meanwhile, another follower wasn’t so confused. They wrote, “For once something she rambles on makes sense. Totally agree. Wonder if justin did this.”

One person asked her straight up, “…Are you talking about your husband?”

What do you think about what the Not to Hot star said about cheating? Do think she is hinting that Justin cheated on her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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