Mama June Fans Want Manic Shannon To Ease Things Back

Mama June started celebrating her birthday week early and told her fans that she feels like they are her “besties.”

Well, it’s all about promos and tokens and discounts for the mom of Alana and Pumpkin. But people felt overwhelmed because she seems kind of manic.

Mama June – Might Be Filming A New Season

WEtv fans saw that Alana and her mom actually sort of made up their differences after some hectic therapy.

At least, on the screen, they hugged which made people feel a bit astonished. However, in real life, fans are not so sure that everything is as perfect as the show made out. Actually, some people think that there’s still an issue of drug abuse in June’s life.

Mama June

Mama June got people talking on Reddit recently when a fan who saw a live noticed that the moment they asked about Justin Stroud possibly doing drugs they got muted.

It was an odd live, because Alana’s mom simply sat there getting her hair done. At one stage, the daughters called in and they take about filming. So, it was taken as given that they are filming for a new season.

Mama June – Fans Suspect Her Manic Behavior

Recently, the wife of Justin Stroud took to Instagram and shared a whole lot of products and cosmetic things that are available. The promo revealed a disheveled woman who didn’t seem to have even brushed her hair yet. As is her habit these days, she spoke very fast, and people claimed they couldn’t understand what she was actually saying.

Mama June Fans Want Manic Shannon To Ease Things Back
June Shannon / Instagram

Mama June Fans might wonder why they film a new season, of all the storyline comes up with is the cancer of Anna Cardwell.

What else is there now apart from suspicions that Shannon and Justin might be back using, and Alana is going off to college? And, actually, some fans are convinced that there are still drugs in the life of Gino Doak’s ex.

Mama June – WEtv Fans Comment

Here’s what some Mama June fans said to her in the comments of her birthday week post:

For the love of all things holy-back up from the camera! You don’t have to continually thrust your whole ass face into the phone.

Gosh …is it that hard to comb the hair at least! What example you setting for us???

If you watch the videos when she was sober and compare them to her videos now, it’s obvious what’s going on.

…what is going on with you?????

Holy Hell…..Meth?”

What are your thoughts about the WEtv star acting so maniacally? Sound off in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the WEtv cast right now. Come back here often for all the Mama June’s spoilers, news, and updates.

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