LPBW Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Puts Unborn Baby In Danger?

The Little People, Big World (LBPW) spoilers suggest that Audrey Roloff put her unborn baby in danger. Fans are calling her out for her risky move during the holiday season. Read on to learn about this latest development.

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Puts Radley In Danger

Once again, Audrey Roloff put her two-year-old son Radley in danger. The Little, People Big World spoilers suggest that the TLC star has tried this dangerous stunt before.

Critics argue that she should pay more attention to the seriousness of this issue. In an Instagram Story, Audrey admitted to her fans that she “had to bring the @kubotausa to the farm,” referring to their tractor.

LPBW Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Puts Unborn Baby In Danger?Tori Roloff was the first to share the news with fans via her Instagram page. The Roloff family celebrated their annual Christmas party over the weekend.

LBPW fans are furious with Audrey’s bold move. She sat on the tractor with Radley on her lap. She didn’t wear a seatbelt. Fans are calling her out for child endangerment.

However, the tractor was stationary at the time of the event. Audrey Roloff didn’t reveal whether she rode it around with Radley on her lap.

Still, the video in question made fans uncomfortable. Radley looked quite content and happy in the photos and videos that were shared on social media.

LBPW Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Dangers Unborn Child

According to the Little People, Big World spoilers, Audrey Roloff not only endangered her son but also her unborn child.

Critics took to Reddit to react to these controversial social media posts. They labeled her as an irresponsible parent. Many screenshots of the incident were posted on a Reddit thread, with many fans sharing their reaction.

“Driving with Radley on her lap,” one fan wrote. “And this will be how they do things until someone gets hurt. Because safety is for suckers and people who really live know you have to take risks!!!” another fan joked.

“Him on her lap and her pregnant belly as well. Just shows how she actually thinks that bad things won’t happen to her because she’s so wonderful. Just ask her,” a third user snarked.

What are your thoughts on Audrey Roloff sitting in a tractor with Radley unbuckled on her lap? Do you agree that she was putting her kids in danger? Does it surprise you that Audrey hasn’t learned from before? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more LBPW spoilers, news, and updates.

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