Little People, Big World Tori Roloff Opens Up About Considering A Tummy Tuck Following Pregnancy Rumors

Tori Roloff used surgery to deliver all three of her kids and she is done having children. However, stopping at three children isn’t all that’s plagued her thoughts in recent years.

As a result of all the C-section, the reality star actually considered surgery. Why didn’t she go through with it?

Little People, Big World – Tori Roloff Reveals She Considered Surgery Amid Pregnancy Rumors

When you’re plagued with half as many pregnancy rumors that Tori Roloff has been plagued with, I’m sure you’ll consider a tummy tuck as well.

Tori Roloff

After getting married to Zach Roloff in 2015, Tori went on to welcome three children – Jackson, 6, Lilah, 3, and Josiah, 16 months – with him.

Sharing in an Aug. 8 Instagram story, the TLC personality said, “My body has been through so much. I thought about doing a tummy tuck or doing something because I have a belly.

But at the time same, I’m like, ‘God gave me three beautiful children and he gave me this life that I’m so proud of.

And I’m so proud of my body being able to carry three babies to full term and be cut open three times. And I can still run around.”

And don’t think that she’s considering surgery because she’s ashamed of her body, she admittedly only was doing it to avoid being asked whether she’s pregnant every so often.

Even though she acknowledged that her fans mean well with the speculations, she did alert them to the damage they’re causing her.

“I know you guys mean well, but you have no idea how damaging that can be to a woman who can’t have more who maybe wants more.”

After revealing that she’s not planning on having any more children, she added, “You shouldn’t ask women that or like assume that women are pregnant.”

So there you have it folks. Keep the pregnancy rumors to a minimum, or rather just stop it completely. Tori Roloff needs her mental health to be protected like the rest of us.

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