Little People Big World: Tori Hints At The Future Of Her Family On Reality TV

Little People Big Word spoilers, news, and updates reveal that Tori and Zach Roloff’s family could be leaving the reality TV show soon.

In a live Q&A session with fans, Tori Roloff answered a lot of questions, including one about the future of their little family on the show. Tori said that their time on Little People Big World is trailing to its end and that they are just enjoying the time while they are still part of the show.

“I think our time is definitely coming to a close, but we’re trying to enjoy it while it’s here,” she replied to a fan.

Tori Roloff

Is LPBW Ending with Season 25?

LPBW fans are still waiting for the official news on Season 25, but could it be the last that we’ll see the Roloff family on TLC? The cast has been dropping hints of the upcoming season, but there’s no official announcement yet on when it will air on TV.

Amy Roloff has mentioned filming for another season while the Roloff Farms hosted another Pumpkin Season this year. However, the show has featured lots of toxicity over the last few seasons, and some fans think it has gotten too much.

Most recently was a feud about selling the Roloff farms to the kids, and when that fell apart, Tori and Zach left and move their family to Washington.

Audrey Roloff Slams LPBW For Overly Dramatic Storylines

Tori’s hints that the show might be ending comes years after Jeremy and Audrey Roloff quit the show. Could she and Zach follow in their footsteps?

Audrey recently slammed the show for featuring “not true” storylines, focusing on the drama and manipulating the story. She also mentioned that the TV contracts are very controlling, preventing them from doing a lot of things that they want, including finding a job that they want to do.

In a social media Q&A, one fan asked why they quit the show, yet they still want to be public about their life. Audrey answered: “Lots of reasons…but ultimately I respected that Jeremy was just ready to move on from this chapter of his life.”

She explained that with social media, they have freedom to share what they want when they want it. “TV contracts are very crazy and controlling,” she added. “Same with filmin [sic] schedules.”

“We also didn’t like the story lines [sic] being portrayed that weren’t actually true, and didn’t want to raise our kids in the environment Jer grew up in with the cameras.

“Ultimately reality TV is all about the drama … and we didn’t like the pressure to create or speak to the drama, perform [sic] for the cameras. Redoing things or filming scenes to help make the storyline make sense was so hard for me especially postpartum with a newborn…”

She added that it was just the right timing for them to leave, though they are still grateful for what the show gave them.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Little People Big World. Come back here often for Little People Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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