Little People Big World Star Zach Roloff Gets Out Of Hospital

Little People Big WorldLittle People Big World (LPBW) star Zach Roloff seems totally grateful to Tori Roloff, laying rumors of a divorce to rest. Actually, he went into a hospital last week and hasn’t been feeling very well. Tori kept TLC fans updated, but now he’s home, he’s got a smile on his face.

Little People Big World – Zach Roloff Had Surgery

The news that Zach went into a hospital for surgery came from Matt and Tori Roloff. Tori immediately made a plan to be with him, so the rumors of a pending split between the couple can be dumped in the trash can. His mom, Amy also posted about the surgery and she canceled some appointments to go and take care of the kids, Lilah, Jackson, and baby Josiah. Clearly, it was a bit of a worrying time for the LPBW family.

The Little People Big World star was suffering from debilitating migraines and it was caused by fluid. Apparently, he had a shunt in his head. When the news arrived, it was explained that “Zachary had emergency shunt revision this morning. It’s been a scary 72 hours but he is doing well and recovering!!” The shunt helps to prevent Hydrocephalus.

Little People Big World – Zach Gets Home To The Kids

On February 12, Zach took to his Instagram account and shared a photo of himself with his three kids. Jackson and Lilah looked completely delighted to have their daddy home again. He said, “Hey everyone I am back home and recovering! Thank you to everyone who has reached out or came by the house to support Tori and the kids. ❤️.”

Little People Big World Star Zach Roloff Gets Out Of Hospital
Zach Roloff / Instagram

Next, the Little People Big World star talked about how it had been quite an “emotional week.” Apparently, it’s been a difficult time for the family despite him having had a shunt in the past. He added that it “became very real this past week for our family.” Next, he thanked his wife for “being the rock this week in our family and rallying the kids.”

Little People Big World – TLC Fans React

Little People Big World fans reacted in the comments section. One of them said, “God Bless you Zach, so glad you are home and on the mend. Prayers for you Tori and your precious children ?❤️.”

Another one wrote, “I have a shunt and they are NOT fun! I’m glad you are home and recovering with all your lovies.”

More comments followed and it seems that a lot of people really sympathize with the family. Actually, some folks who accuse Zach of being lazy might now find a little bit of empathy for him.

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