King Charles Takes Sustainable Flight To Show Up Prince Harry And Meghan

As always, King Charles is paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future. In a recent move, the royal decided to use sustainable fuel to power his flight to Kenya. I wonder if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are taking notes?

King Charles Special Request Praised For Being Environmentally Conscious

Before organic farming was considered cool, King Charles actually got his hands dirty promoting the environmentally-conscious farming method.

Now, he’s pushing forward with a bold new idea that might make a lot of difference if it catches on.

In his first official state visit since becoming the ruling monarch, he made a sustainable request before traveling on the RAF Voyager.

King Charles Takes Sustainable Flight To Show Up Prince Harry And Meghan

The Kenya visit marks the first time he’s visited a Commonwealth country as a King, and comes on the heels of the backlash faced by Harry and Meghan after they travelled for a short holiday to Canouan on a private jet.

It was especially telling since the eco-warriors preached about the effects of climate change on mental health shortly before embarking on the exclusive retreat.

GB News presenter Cameron Walker, who accompanied the royals as a correspondent, said, “Their Majesties flew to Kenya on RAF Voyager (the aircraft used to transport British VIPs) with its fuel tanks filled with 40 percent sustainable aviation fuel, at King Charles’s request.”
King Charles, even in his young years, displays a deep passion for sustainability, saying in 1970, “We are faced at this moment with the horrifying effects of pollution in all its cancerous forms.”

His love for everything nature seems to have rubbed off on his eldest son, Prince William, who launched a £50 million environmental prize that aims to scale the best solutions to save the planet.

These annual funds are awarded in five categories: Protect and Restore Nature, Clean Our Air, Build a Waste-Free World, Fix Our Climate and Revive Our Oceans.

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