Jennifer Hudson and “The Talk” Join Drew Barrymore, Postpone Shows Amid Writer’s Strike

Drew Barrymore seems to be leading the trend here. Not long after the actress and host of “The Drew Barrymore Show” announced her plans to return to filming her show, multiple talk show hosts announced their desire to get back on air.

However, WGA stood their grounds and insisted they would picket any struck show that’s airing amid the strike, regardless of whether they’re returning with their writers or not.

Soon after her return to filming, Barrymore seemed to waver and issue an apology video, but that was not enough so she decided to do the right thing.

She took down her apology video and instead announced that her show will be delayed until the writers strike is resolved. Hurray! Guess what? The pack followed her decision.

Jennifer Hudson and "The Talk" Join Drew Barrymore, Postpone Shows Amid Writer's Strike

“The Talk” Pauses Its Season 18 Return To Evaluate Plans For A New Launch Date

While Barrymore promised that her talkshow will wait out the writers strike, The Talk was not so direct about their delay, instead promising to “evaluate plans for a new launch date” for its season 18 premiere.

The Hudson Show also pushed pause on their resumption plans after WGA threatened to picket the filming studios.

The reason why talk shows hosted by Hudson, Barrymore, Sherri Shepherd and Kelly Clarkson have a hard time returning amid the strikes is that they’re not nationally syndicated and therefore are not required to produce new content for local affiliates.

“The Talk” – which employs a writer – last produced new episodes before the commencement of the writers strike on May 2.

According to Variety, picketers were outside of a rehearsal show outside of the Studio City, California facility where it is filmed last week.

The Jennifer Hudson Show had announced their plans to return with its second season this Monday, but could not do so due to the intense pushback from the writers union and their supporters.

In case you’re wondering why SAG-AFTRA hasn’t sent any cease and desist letters to the talk shows when they announced plans to return, it’s because talk shows work under SAG-AFTRA’s Network Code.

This means that hosts can preside over shows without breaching rules amid the ongoing actors strike.

Also, The View can afford to keep running because they traditionally don’t employ writers for their segments.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with WGA strike right now. Come back here often for all WGA strike spoilers, news, and updates.

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