Is Lauren Duggar Having A Baby? Fans Spot Bump in Newest Photos

Duggar Family News reveals that fans of the famous family have started to wonder about the subtle hints that they have seen on social media lately. One of the newest rumors is that Lauren Duggar is pregnant and that these fans have seen the hints. It all happened when some fans saw Jinger Vuolo’s newest video and it looked as if Lauren has a baby bump. Is she pregnant or was it the way she was positioned in the video? Let’s dig deeper.

Duggar Family News – The New Video

Jinger shared a new YouTube video that she filmed back in March when she was on vacation with her family in Arkansas. Jinger and her sister, Jill Dillard were seen together and shopping in a jewelry store.

In this clip of the two sisters, fans spotted Lauren in the background. When fans saw her, they noticed that her stomach looked to be a little bit bigger than usual. Lauren was wearing a white sweater and khaki pants.

Lauren Duggar

When fans saw this video, they had to chime in about how they thought Lauren looked pregnant. After seeing this, there were a lot of comments on Instagram and of course, the conversation went on for quite some time.

Duggar Family News – Fans React

As soon as fans saw this post, they were quick to chime in about how they now thought that Lauren was pregnant again.

One wrote, “That is obviously a baby bump. She’s pregnant and it’s really obvious here.” Another wrote, “She’s pregnant. That’s it. Anyone with eyes can see that she’s pregnant.”

There were other fans who pointed out that she is more than likely still carrying baby weight from her first child and that she more than likely isn’t pregnant again.

There has been so much speculation about Lauren having another baby with Josiah Duggar. Their daughter, Bella is now three years old.

They haven’t shared much on their social media accounts. In fact, they had a shared Instagram account that they wiped completely in 2020.

There has been even more speculation about Lauren and Josiah having a second, secret baby. There were pregnancy rumors last year as well and even photos that showed Lauren, yet again, with what could be a baby bump.

This was at Jed and Katey Duggar’s gender reveal party for their child. As of right now, it turns out that Lauren and Josiah have not made a statement about any other children. We will cotninue to keep an eye on these two and if they ever come clean about another pregnancy.

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