Has Sister Wives Reached The End Of The Line?

Sister Wives Sister Wives first aired in 2010 and focused on Kody Brown and his three wives. At the time Kody was courting his now wife, Robyn Brown. However, now that it is just Kody and Robyn, fans are wondering where the show goes from here. What will happen to Sister Wives?

Christine Brown – Says They “Needed To Be Heard”

About the show’s premiere, Christine Brown said, “We needed to be heard, polygamous people. We wanted people to know that we’re just regular people who are just doing our best to raise kids and have a big, great, awesome, happy family.”

Howard Lee, president of Discovery Networks and TLC admitted, “We knew we had something special. It was completely different from anything that we all consider what defines family.” Although all four wives never lived in one house, Lee said, “It’s endlessly watchable to see how one man and his four wives navigate each of their relationships. It was just so incredibly unusual to see four different relationships happening at once under one roof separately.”

The ratings haven’t faltered even though this may be because of the drama during the past two seasons. Of course, the added issues with the law have also kept fans watching. Then there was Meri Brown’s catfishing scandal which completely turned some things upside down. Furthermore, Kody divorced Meri in 2014 to legally marry Robyn and adopt her three older children.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Now Everything Has Changed

As much as things have changed in the Brown household, they are all still family. Kody has children with all of these women so they have to interact to a point. Christine leaving the family really shook things up a bit because now we have parts of the family in different locations. Things are still difficult because of the emotions surrounding the break up as well.

However, Christine does admit that she introduces Janelle Brown as her sister wife still. Even though the ladies have separated from Kody, that does not diminish their close relationship. Janelle and Christine seem to have grown even closer since Christine left the family in 2021. Janelle Brown announced her separation from Kody on the Season 17 tell-all.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Some Things Remain The Same

It has been revealed that Sister Wives will be returning for Season 18. This season will focus on what comes next after the family has fallen apart. People are begging for spin-offs but TLC isn’t focusing on that. Reports say that right now things are still focusing on “Sister Wives” because no one is leaving the show.

Howard Lee, president of Discovery Networks and TLC says that the hopes that “Sister Wives” doesn’t end. There is always something going on and there will always be something going on, says the showrunner, Chris Poole. Christine adds that they are still family and she hopes that things get less awkward as time goes on.

Keep checking back for all of your Sister Wives news and spoilers. Sister Wives can be seen steaming on Discovery+.

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