GH Spoilers: Valentin’s Long-Term Pathogen Brain Effects – Sinister Cassadine Side Returns?

General Hospital: Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) will get the antidote, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be completely out of the woods. Valentin has been in bad shape due to this pathogen, which was clearly fast-acting and extremely harmful.

Once Valentin was injected, his nose began bleeding almost immediately. Soon after, Valentin started hallucinating Helena Cassadine’s (Constance Towers) return and was resisting her attempt to drag him down to the eternal flames.

Since this pathogen was messing with Valentin’s mind, what if there are some long-term effects from it? There’s no way of knowing exactly how this pathogen will affect Valentin moving forward – even after he gets the cure.

It’d be quite the twist if Valentin put in all this work to avoid becoming like Helena and Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) – only to take another sinister turn through no fault of his own!

Based on his history, GH fans know Valentin is capable of disturbing things and has committed plenty of horrible transgressions. Valentin was definitely bad news once upon a time!

Although Valentin believes he’s found his redemption in Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), that redemption could be in jeopardy.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Victor arranged for this pathogen’s survivors to become more Cassadine-like in their way of thinking. Victor might’ve viewed that as another way to change the world for the better – at least in his eyes.

Anna was also exposed to Valentin while he was infected and will get an antidote dose, so she could be at risk of some personality changes, too.

It might be interesting if Anna becomes a bit more like her evil twin, Alex Marick (Finola Hughes), especially since Valentin just brought Alex up again!

Valentin and Anna feel like they understand the worst parts of each other, but they could take that to the extreme if this pathogen drives them down a sinister road together.

Although the antidote will eliminate the life-threatening effects of the pathogen, there could still be brain alterations and other problems that result over time.

Could this be the next challenge for Valentin and Anna? Could one or both of them undergo some sinister personality changes now?

General Hospital spoilers suggest Valentin might be the most at risk since the pathogen was directly injected and had longer to run its course, so stay tuned for updates on what the future holds. Soap Opera Spy’s the place to be for hot General Hospital spoilers, updates and news, so make us your one-stop GH source.

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