GH Spoilers: Laura Wright Explains That Carly Is With Drew Because He Has Jason’s Memories

General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that Carly Spencer and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) are finally able to move forward now that the SEC scandal is behind them, and her boyfriend is out of prison.

Still, while Darly has had a whirlwind romance, they’ve always seemed like such an unlikely couple. After all, how many fans believed that he’d reunite with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) once he returned?

Actress Laura Wright recently appeared on The Daily Drama Podcast, hosted by former GHer Steve Burton (ex-Jason Mordan, current Days Harris Michaels) and GH’s Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli) where she pointed out an interesting reason behind Darly’s connection.

General Hospital Spoilers – A Quick Drew Cain History Lesson

Ms. Wright was quick to remind everyone of something fans may have forgotten about, which is the fact that Drew still has all of Jason’s memories.

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Wright Explains That Carly Is With Drew Because He Has Jason’s MemoriesFor those who recall, when Drew first came to Port Charles in 2014, he initially returned as Jason Morgan.

In fact, everyone thought he was Jason (after months of speculation) until the “real Jason” came back to the canvas in 2017. It was then revealed that Drew was Jason’s twin, and he was given his brother’s memories, which had him believing he was Jason.

GH Spoilers – Drew Cain Still Has All Of Jason Morgan’s Memories

Laura notes that Drew still has all of Jason’s memories because of the mind-swap storyline. Even though he got back his own past memories at one point, that didn’t wipe out the fake ones he was given.

While Burton and Anderson state during the podcast that they thought Jason’s memories were cleared from Drew’s mind once, “he got his own life back”, Wright was quick to explain and clarify that this wasn’t the case.

She reveals that “supposedly” Drew still has all of Jason’s memories, even though the show hasn’t explored that concept.

Laura notes that it would be interesting to do so in a scene, because if Carly tried to pull a past stunt or scheme on Cain, he could be like, “Nope, been there done that”, because of the memories he has of Jason.

He knows her past and her misdeeds through and through. It would certainly add a fun layer to their romance.

While Ms. Wright had made a joke that the reason Carly is with Drew is because she can’t be with Jason, the truth is, being with Cain is as close Carly can get to being with Mr. Morgan, for now.

Could Darly be so close because Drew has all of Jason’s memories? Share your thoughts below.

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