GH Spoilers: Jordyn Ashford And Zeke Robinson Will Make A Great Couple

General Hospital: Jordyn Ashford Portia Robinson’s (Brook Kerr) brother Zeke Robinson (Gavin Houston) is set to make a return to General Hospital and fans are thrilled.

Zeke made an appearance on GH for Curtis Ashford’s (Donnell Turner) bachelor party and then again for his wedding to Portia. He quickly became a fan favorite and there have been calls to bring him back.

It looks like the Zeke lovers will finally get their wish. He is due back in Port Charles very soon.

Zeke will be a great support for Portia and Trina on General Hospital

Portia’s brother will most likely make his return to be an emotional support for his sister and niece Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali). The paternity test results will be coming back any day now and there is sure to be plenty of drama.

Whether the results prove that Trina’s bio dad is Curtis or Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews), someone will be hurt by Portia’s lies. She will need her brother. But as any GH fan knows, it is more than likely that someone switched the results, so who knows when the actual truth will be revealed?

General Hospital Spoilers – Jordyn Ashford And Zeke Robinson As A General Hospital Couple

It is time for poor Jordyn Ashford (Tanisha Harper) to get a love interest. She has been pining for Curtis way too long.

The police commissioner is smart and beautiful but, for the most part, her storyline has been nothing but work-related. It is time for some fun in her life.

Enter Zeke Robinson. So far, we don’t know what Zeke does for a living other than he is not a doctor. Trina called him the “coolest uncle ever”. He may be the perfect guy to help Jordyn finally get over Curtis.

As for Portia, she likes Jordyn, as long as she is not going after her new husband. The doctor will be happy to see her brother with her friend, especially if it keeps the commissioner away from Curtis. This would work for everyone involved. Plus, it would be nice to see Jordyn Ashford fall in love again.

How will Curtis react to Jordyn and Zeke?

The only one who may not be thrilled with this couple is Curtis. Curtis has become extremely selfish and self-righteous. He has held both Portia and Jordyn to a high standard which he does not always follow himself.

Right now, Mr. Ashford has two women pining over him. Dr. Robinson and Commissioner Ashford are each hoping to be his chosen one. It looks like he is trying to work on his marriage which leaves Jordyn in the dust.

If Jordyn falls for the handsome Zeke, it may make Curtis jealous. All this time, he has known that his ex was waiting in the wings for him. If she is in a new relationship, he may see what he is missing. The next time he gets angry with Portia, he won’t have Jordyn to fall back on.

Whatever happens, having Zeke Robinson on General Hospital is sure to bring some excitement to the soap.

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