GH Spoilers: Jax Is Headed Back To Port Charles — And He Won’t Approve Of His Daughter’s Boyfriend

General Hospital: Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) has been gone for a long time. Rademacher vacated the role in November 2021 when ABC Disney denied his request for a religious exemption to their COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Embroiled in a lawsuit just a month later, there was no way Rodemacher was coming back on set while taking legal action against the company. But just weeks ago, the case was settled. ABC Disney defeated the charges and the lawsuit was dropped.

Now, fans are wondering whether Ingo will head back to GH land, or if someone else is going to fill the role of Jasper Jacks? Regardless, rumor has it Jax is headed back to Port Charles to catch up with his daughter, Josslyn ‘Joss’ Jacks (Eden McCoy). Can’t you just picture his face when he learns she’s dating Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) right-hand man?

General Hospital Spoilers — Where Is Jasper Jacks?

The last we knew, Jax was headed out of town on business. He didn’t leave things in a very good place with his friend, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros), and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) was still fairly upset with him for lying about Sonny being alive and Nina knowing about it.

Nonetheless, the truth is out, and Jax has to pay the piper. Since his exit, there has been zero discussion of his character. It’s as though Joss never had a father to begin with.

GH Spoilers – Leak Things Have Changed

A lot has changed since Jax left town. When he returns, he might not even recognize his little girl. He missed her high school graduation. He missed her first year of college. When she was filmed losing her virginity and that film was distributed to the entire college campus to which she attends, her dad wasn’t there to offer his shoulder.

Some fans are furious, citing GH could’ve done better or filled the role that Ingo vacated. But it was likely a little more sticky than that when legal affairs are in flux. Regardless, when Jax comes back to town – whoever is playing the role — he’s going to have a lot to digest.

General Hospital Spoilers — Jasper Jax, Meet Dex Heller

The last thing Jax ever wanted for his daughter was for her to end up like her mother. Carly has spent the better part of her life protecting a man in the mob. She has missed out on opportunities and has frequently been endangered.

Carly nearly died on several occasions, because of her love for a mobster — a few of them actually. Now it appears Joss has followed in her footsteps, and Jax will struggle to make sense of it. Joss was always so adamant that she wanted nothing to do with the life she was leaving behind with her mother.

And here she is, hooking up with not just a mobster, but the right-hand man to the most world-renowned mobster any of them know. Jax isn’t going to approve of this. Will his grown up little girl care? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead.

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