GH Spoilers: Gregory Needs A More Compassionate Neurologist-Griffin Munro Be On His Way?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and rumors tease since Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) needs a more compassionate neurologist, might Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) be on the way? What better to help Gregory through his ALS battle than Griffin, a cutting-edge neurologist and a former priest!

General Hospital Spoilers – Griffin Munro Could Offer More Advanced Care

Griffin could also offer more advanced care, even though Gregory’s diagnosis seems spot on. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) is more of a infectious disease specialist but he did manage to cure Tracy Quartermaine’s (Jane Elliot) brain worms, possibly regretting it!

The last time Griffin came to Port Charles was to try and help with Mike Corbin’s (Max Gail) Alzheimers’ case and also to check on a comatose Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes).

General Hospital Spoilers: Gregory Needs A More Compassionate Neurologist-Griffin Munro Be On His Way?Griffin had referred Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) to a program in New York City he thought could help Mike although not cure him.

Unfortunately, Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) put a stop to that as this was when he sent his henchmen on a three pronged attack in spite of being incarcerated.

GH Spoilers – Griffin Munro Should Be In Port Charles For Other Reasons Too

Griffin should be in Port Charles for other reasons too, aside from consulting and possibly taking over Gregory’s ALS case.

Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is going through the wringer and under attack-Duke Lavery’s (Ian Buchanan) son would be a comfort.

He left after a traumatic experience when Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) murdered his girlfriend, Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin); it affected him very deeply that he was too late to save her.

He did seem much more healed from the trauma when he came to check in on Lucas and consult on Mike’s case. Griffin now lives in Portland Oregon where he’s been dating Damian Spinelli’s (Bradford Anderson) ex Ellie Trout (Emily Wilson).

General Hospital Spoilers – General Hospital Needs More Neurologists

Besides, GH needs more neurologists-Lucas moved on some time ago and apparently Dr. Bronson (Jeffrey Stubblefield) who Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) said was too brusque.

Griffin would be welcomed back as well as Ellie, which would make Georgie Jones (Eden Harker) glad.

Georgie really missed her would be stepmother when she and Spinelli moved back from Portland, although she’d missed her mother Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) likely more.

Griffin was one of the best neurologists, along with Lucas, that GH had since Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) moved to California with Robin Scorpio-Drake (Kimberly McCullough) and family.

He would certainly be welcomed back to the GH team and would be an asset to the Chase family.

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