GH Spoilers: Gregory Chase Hides Deadly Disease, Seeks To Spare Family From Worry?

General Hospital: Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) General Hospital (GH) spoilers and rumors tease Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) might be hiding a deadly disease, but seeks to spare his family from worry. Considering they almost lost Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) a couple of years ago thanks to Peter August’s (Wes Ramsey) toxin, he doesn’t want to worry his sons and beloved granddaughter.

General Hospital Spoilers – “Migraines”

Greg is called out by Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) for lying to her about why he wouldn’t take the job she offered, but he’s admittedly not a very good liar! But then he didn’t think she was going to check up on him either and find out from the dean at PCU that he hadn’t been working that whole semester. She was out of line but her instincts were right on – there is something wrong, and seriously so, he didn’t know if he could trust her to keep his secret.

Greg should know there’s such a thing as HIPAA that prevents doctors from telling patients’ private health information and diagnoses if they don’t sign off on it. But even so, after he ran into Harry at GH and convinced him he had “migraines” he ran out on TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow).

GH Spoilers – Not Lyme Disease Related?

When Greg first came to Port Charles, he had come to be checked out by his older son, Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) who he hadn’t seen for years. But he trusted Finn’s medical training and expertise, and knew he could count on him even with bitterness between the two, which since has been resolved. Greg had suffered some unusual effects from a rare type of Lyme Disease, but Finn found an effective treatment and he had been fine since-until three months ago. Greg did some medical research himself on his symptoms and fears his horrible headaches are coming from a brain tumor, but he was kind of afraid to find out. He went to get checked out at Port Charles’ other hospital, Mercy Hospital and they confirmed his suspicions-it’s inoperable, but slow growing, so he’d come to GH-Mercy was booked up.

General Hospital Spoilers – Doctors Talk Among Themselves

Greg came to TJ for a checkup for a pain medicine refill, but then realized not only is he involved with Alexis’ daughter, but could discuss his case with other doctors. Even if he didn’t, Finn could come across his chart in the hospital computer system in the course of his work. He doesn’t want his family to know about his dire diagnosis, because he’d rather they didn’t worry and fuss, and he wants to enjoy what time he has left.

He knows Finn, especially, would want to triple check his diagnosis himself, hoping to find a differential diagnosis, and he begs Alexis not to tell. But Greg doesn’t want to live like that and doesn’t want Finn to find out that the Mercy oncologist is right and beat himself up because he can’t cure it.

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