GH Spoilers: Esme Sees A Way In With T.J. — And She Takes It

General Hospital: Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease T.J. Ashford (Tajh Bellow) is about to find himself in the midst of a rather difficult situation. As if dealing with infertility wasn’t tough enough, his partner, Molly Lansing Davis (Mia Holiday Kriegel), has also been struggling to come to terms with their shared grief.

Compounding the issue, T.J. has been keeping his own feelings close to his chest ever since his aunt, Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) imparted her own wisdom — that Molly’s pain is a whole other level than his. Finding out she can’t have children is devastating for any woman, and T.J. just can’t possibly put himself in her shoes.

So, he’s going to stop trying to, and that includes sharing that he is hurting, too. This will cause even more tension to brew, and it’s going to leave T.J. in a rather vulnerable space when Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) rolls in and decides to take advantage of his situation.

General Hospital Spoilers — Molly Lansing Davis Closes A Door

Molly and T.J. just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to starting a family. The tension between them over how to approach the process of becoming parents ebbs and flows; one day she’s ready to explore options, but the next she’s crying and can’t talk about it.

T.J. is likely to favor using a complete stranger as a surrogate and egg donor, while Molly would rather enlist the help of one of her sisters. T.J. has every right to feel the way he does. Having a baby with Molly was never supposed to mean having a baby with one of his sisters-in-law, and that’s where he draws the line.

Unfortunately, Molly might draw one of her own and shut the whole discussion down, resigning herself to being childless. T.J. will not be okay with that.

GH Spoilers – Hint GH Is A Home Away From Home

Molly has a history of burying herself under a stack of court dockets and legal briefs when the going gets tough at home. She loves her job and loves feeling like she has control over something. She can feel confident that she’s really making a difference with her work.

She doesn’t have that confidence at home anymore though, and she can’t even hang onto any assurance that she and T.J. will spend the rest of their lives together as planned. With the future they wanted slipping away, Molly and T.J. may both retreat into their work as a means of stemming the pain.

General Hospital Spoilers — Esme Prince Weasels Her Way into T.J.Ashfords’ World

Esme is not above using any means necessary to give her and her son an edge. Naturally, she’s on the lookout for anyone who might help her achieve that goal. An accomplished man who has his life in order and career stage set but longs for a child to call his own might fit the bill.

Enter T.J. and his admiration for Ace Cassadine (Jay and Joey Clay). Esme can’t help but wonder if that’s the ticket to T.J.’s heart. Of course, it’s not as though he’s free to pursue anyone else, what with his unwavering loyalty to Molly.

Then again, as history shows, that loyalty can change with surprising ease in Port Charles. Esme can’t help but feel tempted to try and sway T.J.’s head in her direction. Will she muster up a damsel in distress act to get him on the hook? Works every time. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers as this storyline is just heating up.

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