GH Spoilers: Anna And Dante Find Themselves In Danger-Valentin Intervenes?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) will find themselves in danger after making a discovery.

Not long after, Anna and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) come to a realization-will Valentin intervene in Anna and Dante’s dangerous situation?

General Hospital Spoilers – Dangerous Discoveries

Dante obtained a locker key from the evidence room at the morgue before the WSB swooped in and took everything from Jameson Forsyth’s (uncast) autopsy report to his body.

The coroner (Barry Livingston) was the one who found the key in Forsyth’s shoe, and gave Dante details from what he could remember from the autopsy-he didn’t appreciate the WSB’s overreach.

General Hospital Spoilers: Anna And Dante Find Themselves In Danger-Valentin Intervenes?It was quickly swept over and covered up, making a murder investigation very difficult if not impossible to solve.

Dante didn’t want Anna doing any investigation herself because she may have been a target of both Forsyth and whoever killed him.

So when he got the items from the locker he put them in a bank safety deposit box and later met Anna in the morgue for her to look at them.

GH Spoilers – Trying Not To Be Tracked

Dante told Anna he didn’t want her to be tracked and that’s why he didn’t bring her in the loop, but there’s a possibility Dante may have attracted unwanted attention himself.

He may not think he was followed, but there’s a possibility someone could have been hiding in plain sight.

Anna and Dante could be spotted together and followed from the morgue, even though it is part of the Port Charles Police Department.

If the bad actors in the WSB could perpetrate a coverup, they could certainly have Dante and Anna taken out-there are many places a sniper could hide and shoot from!

This means that the two really have to watch their back once they are out of the building and on their way-both Dante and Anna could have targets on their backs.

General Hospital Spoilers -The Right Place, The Right Time

Valentin happens to be nearby as he spots Anna and Dante outside the morgue and spots a sniper with a scope trained on Anna-he shouts “GUN” and the sniper disappears. Dante is off duty but calls it in and the three get themselves to safety.

Anna, previously not trusting Valentin enough to let him in the loop of the Forsyth investigation realizes they need intel he may have.

Anna and Dante narrowly escaped being shot, and Valentin was the reason-and the sniper’s still out there; Valentin and Anna realize this could be shooter who was at the Metro Court.

Once in a safe place the three look at the envelope contents-Anna recognizes the third photo as current WSB Director Brennan (Charles Mesure) and Valentin, the head of Pikeman!

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