General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Makes Shocking Discovery In Cody’s Case

General Hospital spoilers claim GH fans know Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is always on the hunt for trouble. And trouble seems to have found her yet again in the form of Selina Wu (Lydia Look).

But it’s not just Selina who may start causing chaos in Sam’s life —- enter Cody Bell (Josh Kelly). Sam never expected to run into Cody while chasing Selina, and the last thing she wants is her beau’s longtime friend complicating things.

Good luck getting through to him, Sam. Luckily, Mac Scorpio (John J. York) is also on hand to help protect Cody from Selina’s dangerous games. But as it turns out, Cody may have more to worry about than just Selina and The Savoy’s mafia connections.

His preoccupation with Sasha Gilmore Corbin (Sofia Mattsson) and refusal to see any way out of his entanglement with Selina could have Cody sabotaging himself again. Can Sam do anything to stop it? Will she regret trying?

General Hospital Spoilers — Cody Bell Is Distracted

Cody has officially taken on the role of detective, and his mission is one that would make Nancy Drew proud. With Sasha’s rapid downfall and institutionalization at Ferncliff, Cody is determined to uncover who was really behind it all.

General Hospital: Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco)

His suspicion has fallen on Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs), and he’s not backing down until he gets the answers he’s been searching for.

Although he has Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) as backup, he knows he needs more help to crack this case.

Maybe it’s time for Cody to bring in some outside expertise…or maybe he just needs to channel his inner Sherlock Holmes — or just pull Sam into the mess to help him. But will she lose focus of Sasha’s plight when she realizes Cody is dodging one of his own?

GH Spoilers – Spill Sam McCall Learns The Truth

Sam hasn’t shied away from helping Cody whenever she has asked, but recently, it seems like Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) is a bit weary of her getting wrapped up in his drama.

The reality is, Dante knows Cody is Mac’s son and is deliberately hiding the truth so he can chase down a $10 million settlement from the WSB. He also knows Sam would feel a lot different about Cody if she knew that.

Despite her past life as a grifter and con artist, she doesn’t look highly upon those who do the same now.

Sam is all for helping Cody because she believes he’s turned over a new leaf. Will she resent Dante for not looping her in when she learns otherwise?

General Hospital Spoilers — Sante Suffers

We cannot deny that we’ve all been anxiously waiting for the moment when Sam finally finds out what secrets Cody has been keeping.

There’s just something about knowing what lurks in someone’s past that makes it hard to look away. But there’s more to it than just curiosity. We want to know why Cody has been covering for Dante and if he’ll continue to do so even if it means destroying his own reputation in the process.

After all, Dante stands to lose a lot of the truth about his criminal past comes to light, but Cody is trying to clean up his act and make a good impression on the Q’s and Sasha, too.

GH Spoilers – We’re Curious If He’ll Risk His Perfect Reputation To Save Cody Bell’s.

As for Dante, we’re curious if he’ll risk his perfect reputation to save Cody’s. Sam may not take kindly to learning Dante knew about Cody’s connection to Max and kept it hush, but learning he’s not the man she thought he was and that he let Cody take the fall for him all these years could really tarnish the image of him in her eyes.

Will these two make it through a string of betrayals and surprise secrets, or is this going to be the perfect time for Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) to wake up? Share your thoughts with us and keep checking back for more GH news and spoilers.

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