General Hospital Spoilers: Molly Sad She Isn’t Pregnant; Sam Sad She Actually Is

 General Hospital: Molly Lansing Davis (Haley Pullos)General Hospital – Molly Lansing Davis (Haley Pullos)General Hospital spoilers reveal Molly Lansing Davis (Haley Pullos) is going to grieve the loss of a child she was never pregnant with. The mere idea of having T.J. Ashford’s (Tajh Bellow) baby was enough to draw Molly in and get her hooked on the idea of becoming a mother — even though it didn’t align with any of her other goals at this time in her life.

T.J. is as busy as he’ll ever be working his way to the top of the GH staff, and a baby would certainly take him away from the career goals he wants to reach soon. However, he won’t be able to take his mind off of how sorrowful he is that Molly isn’t pregnant. So there is no better time for Molly’s sister, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), to announce she is. To be honest, Sam isn’t celebrating.

General Hospital Spoilers — Molly Lansing Davis  And T.J. Struggle To Move On Alone

Molly isn’t happy with the news that she isn’t pregnant, and neither is T.J., but neither of them are going to open their hearts and mouths and tell each other how they feel. T.J. doesn’t want Molly to feel any pressure from him to sidetrack her career for a pregnancy right now just because they had a close call, and Molly doesn’t think T.J. wants a baby right now and must be relieved that they aren’t expecting. These two just might see a noticeable effect on their domestic partnership as they proceed with life as though nothing has changed when everything has.

GH Spoilers  – Hint Sam McCall’s News Shakes Things Up

When Sam tells her sisters she’s going to have a baby with Dante, they will, of course, be over the moon with excitement for her. However, Molly is going to feel the sting of jealousy, wishing that it were her sharing this happy news. T.J. is going to be right there with her and Sam’s announcement might finally give them the room to share their real feelings with one another. However, circumstances may have changed by the time they open up, and it could hinder any chance they have of becoming parents sooner than they planned.

General Hospital Spoilers — Sam McCall Isn’t Over The Moon With Dante Falconeri

Molly might end up on the right track with T.J. as they map out their future in hope of having a baby soon, but Sam won’t be happy for long. The future she thought she was going to have with Dante looks like it may be fading to black. What could possibly come along now and pox their plans to ride off into the sunset together?

Rumor has it Emme Rylan is headed back to Port Charles to reprise her role as Lulu Falconeri. If Lulu wakes up, it could stir up emotions in Dante that even he didn’t know he still had, much less Sam. Of course, there’s always a chance Dante’s past mistakes could come back to haunt him and screw up his future, too. Will Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) have anything to do with that? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just around the corner.

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