General Hospital Spoilers Friday, March 3: Nosy Nellies, Feared Reactions, Crazy Creepy Crawlies

General Hospital - Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Lexie Ainsworth) General Hospital spoilers and updates for Friday, March 3 tease nosy nellies, feared reactions, and crazy creepy crawlies in Port Charles! Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Lexie Ainsworth) is being a nosy nellie, Molly Lansing-Davis (Haley Pullos) fears a reaction, and Eileen Ashby (Heather Mazur) gets crazy creepy crawlies in the morgue!

General Hospital Spoilers – Jealous Much?

At Kelly’s, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) continues to fish for information while Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) wants to know what’s going on here.

Brook Lynn, Maxie and Sasha Corbin (Sofia Mattsson) are talking about Brook Lynn and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). Sasha and Chase are just friends but BLQ claims they’re not even that anymore, as BLQ seems jealous.

In response to BLQ’s question about what’s going on here, Sasha retorts back. She taunts her and asks if she admits there is something.

GH Spoilers – Father Son Meeting

Meanwhile, Chase is at General Hospital where he wants a tweaked shoulder looked at as he sees his father, Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) in the hallway with TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow).

The elder Chase is evasive as earlier he’d danced around his health concern with TJ. Chase is all detective as he asks his father why he won’t tell him why he’s there.

It sounds like Gregory has developed a serious health issue and that’s the real reason he doesn’t want to take Alexis Davis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) recent job offer.

General Hospital Spoilers – Nosy Nellie

Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) just got home where the Davis girls were having a party celebrating TJ and Molly’s first anniversary of domestic partnership.

Molly hadn’t been feeling well and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) was a little off, and Kristina’s a little bit too nosy. She looked into a shopping bag and found a pregnancy test and now she announces as Sam and Dante are kissing that she just found out what they’re holding out on.

Kristina wanted to drink something alcoholic while her two sisters wanted non-alcoholic drinks. Alexis wasn’t there so there was no reason-until now, that Kristina thinks her sister’s expecting.

GH Spoilers – Feared Reaction

Meanwhile, Molly has just made it out of the bathroom and returned to the room and says she’s not sure how he will react. She might be pregnant too, and worries what TJ will think and how he will react.

She insisted on domestic partnership as opposed to marriage, and noted how TJ is very traditional and she is not. She’s likely concerned he’ll want to get married if there’s a baby-and of course, she won’t.

General Hospital Spoilers – Alexis Davis Is Perplexed

Meanwhile, at the Metro Court, Alexis is on the phone and perplexed, as she asks someone to repeat what they just said. Might she be trying to do exactly what Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) told her not to, and calling Gregory’s school to see if they had a conflict of interest?

Diane told her not to interfere and just leave it alone, it’s his business. Alexis doesn’t look like she likes whatever she’s being told. She’ll be sure to call him out later.

GH Spoilers – Laura Collins Confronts Victor Cassadine

Elsewhere, Laura Collins (Genie Francis) confronts Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) and she tells him he has no one to blame but himself. They may be talking about his “dead” son Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and “dead” Anna Devane (Finola Hughes).

They could also be talking about the missing Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) who’s in a secret location on life support, being watched over by Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Gray).

Needless to say, Victor would be shocked if he knew what his mole, Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby was finding down in the morgue. Laura and Robert Scorpio’s (Tristan Rogers) gaslighting plan is working to a t!

General Hospital Spoilers – Crazy Creepy Crawlies

Meanwhile, down in the morgue, a terrified Eileen has a case of the crazy creepy crawlies as a ghostly Anna Devane hologram confronts her! She just identified “Anna’s” corpse, which is either a corpse made to look like Anna-or Alex Devane (Finola Hughes) looks pretty good, considering she’s been fish food for over two years.

Eileen pleads for her life, as the hologram taunts she’s next, she’s next to die, and begs it, “please—I’ll do anything!”

Laura and Robert have got Eileen exactly where they want her, and she’ll do anything for them. Perhaps even squeal on her employer, Victor!

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