Fans Concerned About Jinger Vuolo’s Intelligence In Dangerous Video

Duggar FamilyDuggar Family News reveals that after watching Jinger Vuolo’s newest video on social media, fans are a little concerned about her intelligence and lack of common sense. In the video, she was getting some help from her sister, Jana Duggar on a new home improvement project. They were working on a closet space together and while they worked on it, fans couldn’t help but notice some dangerous decisions. Let’s take a closer look at why fans were concerned.

Duggar Family News – The Renovation Project

The two sisters shared a video with their fans about going to Lowe’s to get wood for this project. First, they were seen in Jinger’s small car filled up with lumber.

This seemed a little worrisome as the two showed off their smiling faces while driving to Jinger’s house. Once they got back to Jinger’s house, they were quick to show off working on this new project. They boasted that it took them less than 24 hours to complete the closet renovation.

As fans watched on, they couldn’t help but notice how unsafe these two were acting. One fan pointed out that they were working with lumber with no gloves on.

Another pointed out that they had open-toed shoes on and shorts and tank tops. This wasn’t the biggest shock though.

Duggar Family News – Fans React

As soon as fans saw this video, they were quick to point out that Jinger and Jana were not using goggles as they were working on the closet.

They were using drills with no eye protection and Jinger’s hair was everywhere. One fan wrote, “Please pull back your hair when operating a drill! You wouldn’t want to lose any of it!” Another added, “It might be a good idea to tie your hair back so it doesn’t accidentally get caught up in the tool. I’ve seen that happen!”

The comments kept coming too. Another added, “Safety goggles should ALWAYS be worn around electric tools. Otherwise a splinter or dust particle could fly up into an eye.” More and more fans mentioned Jinger’s hair and couldn’t get over the fact that it seems like she has no common sense when it comes to power tools.

No matter what, they finished the closet in record time and that made fans curious if it will actually hold up. We hope to see updates on the closet sooner than later and hope that there were no injuries involved as the women worked together on this. Who knows what they will do next, but we hope they share it.

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