Duggar Family News: Amy King Puts Child In Danger

DuggarDuggar Family News reveals that fans of the famous family have started to notice that Amy King, also known as the black sheep of the family, has started to share more on social media and her posts seem a little strange. In fact, one of her latest posts got a lot of attention after some fans think that she put her three-year-old son’s life in danger.

Duggar Family News – Amy Duggar’s Newest Video Shocks Fans

In her newest video on social media, Amy shared the “Extreme Warhead Toddler Challenge” and her fans were interested to see where this went. She has a young son, Dax who is seen in his holiday pajamas and she decided that she would feed him a sour hard candy. This was all to see just how he reacted while she was filming him. At the beginning of the video, we can hear her say, “Little man wants to try the extreme sour lemon Warhead. Are you ready?” Of course, Dax seems really excited to try because what child doesn’t want candy?

When Amy feeds Dax the candy, the look on his face is priceless. It is clear that he thought the candy was sour and he gave his mother a thumbs up. As he continues to smile at her, she says, “Hold on. Give it a minute.” Apparently, this is a new online trend that parents are doing with their children and her fans weren’t exactly on board with her doing this with a three-year-old.

Duggar Family News – Fans React

After Amy asked her son if he liked it and then he spits it out on the floor, she was flooded with a lot of hate. One fan wrote, “Bless his heart, he gave it a great shot. My jaws were hurting for him.” Another wrote, “Good job keeping it in as long as you did! Now challenge mom and dad!” One more chimed in, “He’s way too young to do this. He could choke. Warheads are too big for him, especially if he had gagged.” One more added, “I feel like it’s a terrible idea to give a toddler hard candy, especially super sour candy.” Another wrote, “My son is a few weeks younger than here and I feel like the sour would be so overwhelming and he’d try to swallow it whole and just choke. This is not safe nor is it funny.”

This video did get a lot of backlash, but it seems as if Amy Duggar thought that nothing was wrong with doing this challenge with her son. We will continue to keep an eye on Amy’s Instagram to see more of her challenges with her son.

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