DOOL Spoilers: Sloan’s Ultimate Revenge, Rooftop Showdown With Chanel And Paulina

Days Of Our Lives - Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty)Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Sloan Petersen’s (Jessica Serfaty) need for revenge could turn deadly, especially if she loses this civil lawsuit. Sloan blames Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) for her mother, Martha Bedford’s, falling off a campus rooftop. Will Chanel lure Paulina Price (Jackee Harry) in for the kill?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Chanel Dupree Was Protecting Herself

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Martha made a lunge for Chanel when she pushed her away. Chanel didn’t realize that Mrs. Bedford was so close to the edge of the rooftop. Sloan could lure Chanel to a similar rooftop and push her. However, Sloan may feel it would hurt Chanel worse to stand by helplessly and watch her mother fall.

Sloan could lure Paulina and Chanel to a location and plan to push Paulina off the roof. Sloan wants Chanel to pay, and what better way than to kill her mother? Perhaps Sloan believes now it should be an eye for an eye. Chanel killed Sloan’s mother, so Sloan will kill Chanel’s mother, who covered up for Chanel years ago.

DOOL Spoilers – Sloan Petersen Could Go To Prison

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Sloan’s need for revenge could outweigh her common sense. Sloan has been trying her hardest to put Chanel in prison for killing her mother. If Sloan causes Paulina’s death, she could be in the same situation. Will Sloan lose sight of what could happen if she crosses that line? Will Sloan put her freedom on the line by committing a heinous crime?

The new rooftop set adds an eerie feel to the possibility of this threat. Chanel has already been on the hospital roof, which makes this setup even more possible. Sloan may even try to force Paulina to jump off the ledge to save Chanel. Sloan has a real problem with the way Paulina usually rises to the top. Will Sloan try to get rid of her once and for all?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Could Eric Brady Give Sloan This Idea?

If the rumors about Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) becoming possessed are true, Eric could lead Sloan to do this. The Devil jumped between several characters the last time he possessed someone. Supposed the Devil was to put this idea in Sloan’s head or even possess her long enough to pull this off. The Devil could also have Eric suggest it to Sloan.

The way Eric has been acting lately, no one would even suspect the Devil because Eric has been spiraling for weeks. After some of Eric’s outbursts, no one would doubt for a minute that he suggested this. Will the Devil cause Sloan to kill Paulina or Chanel?

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