Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Why Does Nicole Walker Always Lie?

Days Of Our Lives: Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers suggest that Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) will face the music the week of May 8th. She’ll not only find out she’s expecting but EJ DiMera (Daniel Feuerriegel) will also call her out on her one-night stand with Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan). Walker’s whole world is about to be flipped upside down but instead of facing the music, it sounds like she’ll dig herself deeper into lies.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers  – Nicole Walker Gets A Pass From EJ DiMera … For Now …

Days spoilers note that EJ will be easy on Nicole once he confronts her on her romp with Eric. After all, it wasn’t her fault, she was drugged!

He may even understand why she lied. But should she get a pass and shouldn’t DiMera feel a bit off about her fib? If there’s nothing between her and Eric, then she should’ve come clean with EJ; however, it sounds like Mr. DiMera will be ready to move on.

With that said, Nicole will not tell her boyfriend the news that she’s pregnant. She’ll fluff off her hospital visit as menopause. Why does Nicole always revert to lying to the ones she’s loved? She’s especially guilty of this with EJ.

Days Spoilers – Nicole Walker’s Past Pregnancy Trauma May Be The Reason

Nicole’s past trauma could be the reason she decides to fib versus just spilling the truth. She especially has a ton of trauma when it comes to her relationship with EJ and pregnancies.

While their current romance is going well, there was once a time when Walker was desperate to make things work with EJ.

He was obsessed with Samantha Brady (Alison Sweeney), and Nicole told a ton of lies to keep him in her clutches.

Therefore, not telling the truth to DiMera might be a natural reaction for Nicole; a “protection” mechanism.

Plus, it’s hard not to address the elephant in the room. Nicole’s two past pregnancies that both ended in stillbirths were both EJ’s babies.

Not telling EJ that she’s pregnant to confirm the child’s DNA first may be the reason Walker will hide her current condition from her boyfriend.

She also may simply be scared. If history dictates anything, she won’t be able to carry a baby full-term, so why tell EJ that she is pregnant? This could save him a ton of heartache.

DOOL has a way of making the impossible possible, so there’s a good chance Nicole carries full-term and delivers a healthy baby. Have your say on this unique storyline, below.

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