Counting On: What Happened To Jill Dillard’s Dog Fenna?

Counting On fans saw in 2021 that Jill and Derick Dillard went out and got a rescue dog named Fenna. For a while, Fenna was the star attraction on her social media. However since they moved to Stilwell and Derick became an attorney, very little has been seen of the pup. So, what happened to the pooch? Do they still have the dog? Read on to find out.

Counting On – Fenna Cried So Hard Jill Dillard Prayed

TLC fans first met Fenna via a video and Jill explained that the pup was so distressed, it cried all night long. The couple had a sleepless night and eventually, they prayed for God to help calm the pup down.

Later, she came under fire because Fenna became an outside dog with a kennel. Additionally, the pup needed a lot of training because it was not disciplined.

Counting On Fans saw that Derick put in a lot of time working with the dog that had a bad habit of jumping up on the kids and snatching at food from the table. Israel and Sam also trained the dog, and eventually, they had a pup that they could actually play with.

More criticism went the way of Jill because she once fed the dog the last of her frozen breast milk. Still, Fenna survived and was featured often on social media. But then, the posts dried up.

Jill Dillard

Counting On – Finding out Fenna’s Breed

In September last year, Jill Dillard got a special DNA test done to try and figure out what type of dog Fenna was. Anyway, it turned out that the breed is mixed and came from the lines of American Pit Bull Terriers and Treeing Walker Coonhounds. Then in January this year, fans heard about Fenna again.

The Counting On alum posted up a simple post that showed her out walking with Fenna. Israel and Sam rode their bikes while Jill had Fenna on a leash as she pushed the baby stroller with Freddy in it.

Counting On – The Latest Fenna Post

It’s been seven months since Counting On fans last heard any news about the pup. This week, Jill broke her silence and now TLC fans can rest assured that Fenna is still alive and well. Her photo revealed the dog with Derick and she was inside the house. So probably, she’s way better behaved these days. In her caption, Jill wrote, “Mornings with Fenna…She loves all the attention.”

Counting On What Happened To Jills Dillard's Dog Fenna
Jill Dillard / Instagram Stories

Are you happy to hear that Fenna is still part of the family in Stilwel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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