Coronation: Meghan Markle Demand Contradicts Her Narrative?

Coronation: Meghan Markle Demand Contradicts Her Narrative?Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were invited to the coronation of King Charles III. Firstly, Charles is the father of Harry. And secondly, if the king didn’t invite them, he would face tremendous backlash. Regardless of how he chooses to move forward, the king is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to his youngest son. Demands apparently flow from the Montecito-based couple. However, new leaks suggest that one request is contrary to their narrative.

Meghan Markle & Harry At The Coronation

Unnamed sources and royal family experts seem to blossom like spring flowers with speculation about Prince Harry and the coronation. Of course, a lot of it can’t be proven. Needless to say, many royal critics have weighed in on the matter, that the King will need to juggle a lot of security so there isn’t a new horror story on Netflix. Meanwhile, others weighed in on the possibility that Prince Archie and Lilibet might attend.

One theory that seems contradictory to new sources is that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t want their son, Archie at the coronation. Allegedly, the reason seems to be that he might be overwhelmed by the pomp and circumstances of the ceremony. That makes sense because despite King Charles saying the coronation will be scaled back, it’s still a massive event. But now, there’s a twist to the narrative.

Meghan Markle Demands For Archie

Royal expert Neil Sean told his YouTube followers that things seem rather contradictory to the former royals’ narrative. Bear in mind, they left the UK and all the trappings of royal life. As far as they were concerned, it all sucked, and now they are free. However, after the news that Prince George will play a significant role in the coronation, the couple allegedly wants Archie to do the same.

Coronation Meghan Markle Demand Contradicts Her Narrative
Neil Sean / YouTube

Neil claimed that the source that leaked the information about Meghan Markle wanting Archie honored at the coronation is a “very good source.” Allegedly, because it is part of his history and possibly, part of his future, Harry and his wife want him on the same level as this cousin, the potential heir to the throne. If that is true, then it totally contradicts the suggestion that the former royals left the UK to give their kids freedom from the co-called ghastliness of royal life.

Archie Can’t Do It Alone

Meghan Markle or Harry would probably have to accompany their son if her demand is met. That puts them back in the spotlight in the fanfare that they claim to detest. As Neil pointed out, without them there, Archie would be overwhelmed. After all, the kids live a very secluded life in the USA.

Followers on the channel agree. @Julia-ig2fd opened, “They’re in no position to make demands. It’ll freak Archieficial out facing huge crowds, at least George, Charlotte and Louis have had some experience with crowds.”

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Source: Neil Sean On YouTube

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