Close Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Source Reveals Royal Family Christmas Snub

Prince Harry is officially an outsider in his own family. No birthday or Christmas invites for the Sussexes this year.

Harry’s spokesperson previously denied the birthday invite rumor, claiming he wasn’t invited to King Charles’ 75th birthday, which will take place on November 14. The party will reportedly only be attended by “close” family members – emphasis on close.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Spend Christmas Separately From the Royal Family

Harry and Meghan will be spending their Christmas this year separately from the Royal Family, just as they have done for the last three years.

Checking that the couple just returned from a brief vacation, it’s possible they’ll be spending it at their Montecito mansion with Meghan’s mother probably joining them. Fans are also looking forward to the couple releasing

Close Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Source Reveals Royal Family Christmas Snub

At the moment, Harry and Meghan are said not to be on speaking terms with Prince William and Princess Kate. This is mostly credited to Harry’s memoir and the incendiary interviews that followed.

While Harry downplayed their racism claims and softened it to “unconscious bias,” he did kinda sorta claim the stories he told on “Spare” were nothing compared to the ones he held back.

PR Commentator Andy Barr Believes This Chaotic Fallout Wouldn’t Have Happened In The First Place If There Had Been Open Communication On Both Sides.

Talking to The Mirror about the global fallout, he said, “Airing your family grievances via a globally best-selling book and a ground-breaking documentary was never going to resonate well with the Royal Family let alone their team of advisors.

The real power play here was between the armies of communications and brand advisors that both sides employ.”

He added that if both sides had been clear about what they wanted and came to an understanding, the situation wouldn’t have gotten quite so out of hand.

“If the Royal Family and Harry had been more stern in their ruling that neither side should brief negative messages about each other to the press then much of the discussion could have been done behind closed doors, directly and with more dignity.”

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