Christine Brown Reveals One Thing She Doesn’t Regret About Polygamy

Sister Wives star Christine Brown left Kody Brown and Robyn to do their own thing in Flagstaff and relocated to Utah. News spoilers for the TLC show revealed that she was seeking a new partner who would appreciate her. However, she thought about polygamy and what she regretted. Of course, fans already watched her go through hell over the last few seasons. However, she doesn’t regret everything and she revealed what that was.

Christine Brown Spoilers – Didn’t Hang Around Looking For Love

As the show airs up to a year after the events, Sister Wives fans were shocked to discover that she was dating again. Next, she announced that she and David Woolley were engaged, and that freaked out a lot of people. After all, she’d spent 26 years with Kody and it wasn’t a relationship that seemed pumped with joy. Despite fans cautioning her about rushing things, she ignored them

In a new preview for Season 18, Christine Brown still hasn’t found David, and fans already saw a lot of tension between her and Kody. Although viewers who keep up with spoilers know that she will soon marry David Woolley, it’s interesting to see her search for a replacement partner. This week, TLC dropped a sneak peek and fans will find out a lot more about her dating journey.

Christine Brown Reveals One Thing She Doesn't Regret About PolygamyChristine Brown Spoilers – About Polygamy

In the new spoilers, Kody’s former third wife decided that a matchmaker might help her find love. She spoke in a confessional and with her daughters, Mykelti, and Aspyn. Their husbands, Tony Padron and Mitch Thompson were also there.

TLC fans already know that she found David via a dating website. So, perhaps the matchmaking didn’t help her. But that was in the future. They got around to talking about whether she would look for a new polygamous relationship. Well, she discarded the idea completely, but she didn’t want anyone remotely like Kody.

Christine Brown Reveals One Thing She Doesn't Regret About Polygamy

Christine Brown said, “I’m just looking for something that Kody never was.” Additionally, she wanted someone who could laugh, with an easygoing “sense of humor.” Mykelti seemed relieved and said, “Good, especially cause I feel like with polygamy once you try it once, really what’s the point after that?” When they got around to the nitty gritty of her choices, she weighed in more on the side of monogamy. However, there is one thing about that lifestyle that she won’t ever regret despite being a “basement wife.”  

Christine Brown Spoilers – No Regret About The Kids

As far as Christine Brown goes, the one thing that she will never regret about being in a polygamous marriage is birthing her kids. She told her family, “All of you guys are because of polygamy, so I don’t regret it at all.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that she’s a very sweet mom to the kids? Did you see her being so loving and kind with Truely in a recent Cooking with Just Christine? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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