Chase Chrisley Drops Adorable Throwback Photos

Chase ChrisleyChase Chrisley misses his mom and dad, Todd and Julie, and in his own quiet way, they rest on his mind. Unlike his sister Savannah, he seems less inclined to dwell on their imprisonment, and he seems to have turned to his faith to deal with the separation. This weekend, he shared some adorable throwback photos of the Chrisley Knows Best alums.

Chase Chrisley – Deals With Todd & Julie In Prison

When his parents went off to their first night in federal prisons, their son took to Instagram and shared a beautiful scene. The Pray.Com slide revealed a house in the countryside under the night sky. But the Christmas tree was lit up with beauty. On the slide, it said, “God is with us,” and “Matthew 1:23.” He also tagged “@pray.”  Many fans of the former USA Network stars prayed as well.

While Savannah claimed that she could never marry and raise children while her parents are in prison, Chase Chrisley went ahead and became engaged to Emmy Medders. At least Todd and Julie went away knowing that the relationship seems solid. In fact, some folks wondered if they secretly tied the knot. Actually, it must be comforting for Todd’s son to have a special person by his side as he contemplates lost time with his parents.

Chase Chrisley – Posts Throwback Photos

On the weekend, the Chrisley Knows best alum took to his Instagram Stories. Actually, he posts there more often these days rather than on his main profile. Four of his slides were throwback photos and they really looked adorable. In fact, many people claim that Grayson, the younger brother resembles his dad these days. And yes, in the first photo below left, the likeness really comes through: that is a very young Todd. Happier days featured next, from the days when serving 12 years apart from each other were not even a hint of their future.

Chase Chrisley Drops Adorable Throwback Photos
Chase Chrisley / Instagram Stories

Chase Chrisley and his sister Savannah were in another photo and the kids were so young. Who would have thought back then, that Savannah would one day become tower of strength for her parents? While people can’t comment on Stories, it’s probably easy to guess that many people sent him some DMs about the sweet memories.

Chase Chrisley – The Appeal In Process

Chase Chrisley and his sister Savannah probably hope and pray that Todd and Julie win their appeal for a retrial. Actually, it seems that everyone in the family fully believes that they were innocent of tax crimes and fraud. Meanwhile, USA Network fans were shocked by the severity of the sentences. Bear in mind, Chloe and Grayson are still youngsters, and Nanny Faye is no spring chicken.

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