B&B Spoilers: Katie’s Love Triangle, Carter Or Bill?

The Bold And The Beautiful: Katie Logan (Heather Tom) The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers reveal that Katie Logan (Heather Tom) has found herself right in the middle of a huge love triangle. Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) has been there while Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) has not. Now that Katie knows the truth, who will she choose?

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Bill Spencer Alienated His Whole Family

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers reveal that Bill has pushed everyone away from him because he was trying to get evidence against Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). However, no one knew this and Katie has begun to move on. Carter has been there for Katie as she has tried to understand what is going on with Bill.

Katie has grown close to Carter and has planned to move their relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, Katie and Carter haven’t quite gotten as far as she would like. Carter certainly wants more from their relationship. Now Bill comes back as a hero and has Katie second-guessing her decision. Is Katie truly ready to move on?

B&B Spoilers – Bill Spencer Made A Huge Sacrifice

Bill has risked his life trying to get the information he needed to put Sheila away. Bill had to make his family believe that he loved Sheila so that she would buy his story. Bill needed Sheila to confide in him so he could get the information he needed. Bill knew that Sheila could kill him at any time in his sleep. However, Bill could not take a chance at blowing this mission.

Bill had to stand by and watch Katie move on with Carter even though he still loved her. Bill had to allow Katie to believe that he loved Sheila because she was the only one who would accept him for himself. Bill wasn’t just protecting himself, he was protecting those he loves as well. Bill wanted to see Sheila put away so all of them would be safe in the future.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers –  Torn Between Two Lovers

Now that Katie knows the truth about what Bill was up to all of this time, Katie may have slapped him but then turned around and kissed him as well. Katie is supposed to be with Carter. Now there is a good chance that Katie has no idea who she wants to be with. Has Bill just ruined Katie and Carter’s relationship or will Carter fight for his woman?

Carter doesn’t have good luck with women at all. Is Katie going to leave Carter and go back to Bill? Can Katie trust Bill to stop chasing her sister and be with her alone? Does Katie care enough about Carter to try to make this work or is Bill really her soulmate? Which man will Katie choose to be with in the end?

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