B&B Spoilers: Eric’s Mystery Diagnosis, Symptoms Don’t Match, More Than One Problem?

The Bold and The Beautiful (B&B) spoilers and rumors tease Eric Forrester (John McCook) revealed his mystery diagnosis as cerebrovascular disease, but that makes it even more a mystery.

The symptoms Eric has been having don’t match the diagnosis, which is hardening of arteries in the brain-still dangerous, but it doesn’t cause hand tremors or vomiting blood-are there more problems?

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Several Diseases Cause Hand Tremors

Several diseases can cause hand tremors and pain, but hardened arteries in the brain don’t unless it’s from a stroke, although it depends on where in the brain the stroke happens.

Strokes can also cause personality changes such as the anger and short temper Eric has been displaying, but they don’t cause vomiting of blood.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Eric’s Mystery Diagnosis, Symptoms Don’t Match-Could There Be More Than One Problem?Sometimes the sinuses, which are between the nasal cavities and the brain, can bleed, as in a sudden nosebleed-but Eric seemed to be vomiting from lower.

Parkinson’s Disease causes hand tremors, but not in both hands, usually in only one, although it can spread; Lewy’s Body dementia has similar symptoms. But it doesn’t cause vomiting of blood; neither does Huntington’s Disease, although ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease can.

B & B Spoilers – ALS And Other Diseases Can Be Associated With Cerebrovascular Disease

Although ALS and other neurological diseases can be associated with cerebrovascular disease, since portrayer John McCook just signed a three year contract with the show, this will not be fatal.

When there are several random, although certainly could be serious symptoms such as vomiting blood and losing muscle control, it could be one disease or several.

Hardening of arteries whether in the brain or elsewhere in the body can be treated with statins, medications that reduce bad cholesterol, so it’s a good chance that’s not all.

It is difficult to diagnose one certain cause of symptoms in various parts of the body, but no one would be surprised if Eric had worried himself into a bleeding ulcer.

The tremors could be caused by something called “essential tremor” caused by abnormalities in areas of the brain that control movement and is not tied to an underlying disease.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Eric Forrester’s Symptoms Are Scary

To really boil it down, even though Eric is trying to put on a brave face and keeping his problems secret, his symptoms are scary and he’s scared!

He likely has the fear that his condition is terminal, and as he gets more and scarier symptoms, such as the vomiting of blood, he could think it’s cancer spreading.

That is the whole reason why he is saying this is his final design line and wants to go out in a blaze of glory.

His anger and frustration and short temper could be chocked up to his fears and holding everything inside of himself.

It looks like he’s had something going on for a while, and he’s only just told Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis).

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