B&B Spoilers: Bill Challenges Carter, Tries To Mark Katie As His Territory

The Bold And The Beautiful: Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers reveal Bill Spencer (Don Diamont)’s romance with Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) was a sham. He did this in order to end her reign of terror on his family, making sure she went down for murder 1 sealing her fate in prison for life.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Bill Challenges Carter Walton’s Romance With Katie Logan

Riding the high of his good deed has him wanting to reunite with former love Katie Logan (Heather Tom) however Katie has started a new romance with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Vincent) which could derail his plans. Could we soon see the two men fighting for Katie’s heart? Bill is definitely confident that he can win Katie back, after all, they do share a son together but it could take more than a child to reunite the two. Carter has always been very supportive and caring towards Katie’s needs and emotions. Taking things slow and letting her tell him when she is ready has helped her see that she can be someone’s first choice. He has opened her eyes to what a true romance can be and Bill may have lost his chance to reunite with her.

B&B Spoilers- Katie’s Torn Between Reuniting Her Family And A New Beginning

B&B Spoilers hint Katie’s been at war within herself. We know that in a moment of passion she slapped and kissed Bill after the truth was revealed but we don’t know if she has talked to Carter about it. He understands that Bill did make some huge sacrifices in order to protect his loved ones and has a lot of respect for his actions.

He has realized that this gesture is big enough to win Katie back but he has also let her know that this one good deed can’t possibly cancel out all the bad he has put her through. I do think that deep down inside she will always have to wonder if she will have to settle as Bill’s second choice, she knows that he has deep feelings for her sister, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), and even though Brooke has no intentions of going back to Bill if there were a time she would consider it, Bill could leave Katie heartbroken all over again.

Carter has defended Katie and called out Bill’s poor choices and has tried his hardest to respect her boundaries. I know that she appreciates it and she wants to explore this romance, while it would be nice to have her family back she realizes it may be too late and she could create a new one with Carter.

How will Carter react when Bill challenges him for Katie’s heart? Could Katie actually choose Bill over Carter or Will Bill be broken hearted once more?

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