Andrew Shue Wants To Stay Classy: Refuses To Get Involved In ‘Trashy’ Breakup With Amy Robach

Andrew Shue Wants To Stay Classy: Refuses To Get Involved In ‘Trashy’ Breakup With Amy RobachIt looks like he just wants to keep calm and carry on and better yet, say absolutely nothing about his estranged wife’s very messy affair with her co-worker. Of course, we are talking about Hollywood actor Andrew Shue as there’s a new report that says he’s “too classy” to get involved in Amy Robach’s very messy affair with her Good Morning America co-anchor and not-so-secret lover, TJ Holmes. Here’s what you need to know.

Andrew Shue – Wants To Stay Classy: Refuses To Get Involved In ‘Trashy’ Breakup With Amy Robach

Ever since Amy and TJ’s secret romance was outed, Andrew Shue has managed to keep quiet and even to himself. This, despite the fact that Amy and TJ continue to flaunt their relationship and were even spotted canoodling and holding hands in Los Angeles recently. Not only that, but Amy made it clear to the world that she’s fallen for TJ in more ways than one as she jumped into his arms and even straddled him in front of the paparazzi. As a result of their affair, the former co-anchors have lost their jobs at Good Morning America.

As far as Andrew is concerned, one source close to the situation told Page Six that he’s not paying attention to his soon-to-be ex-wife’s antics. The tipster said that Andrew “doesn’t want a part of this. No one wants a part of their mess. He’s a very classy guy. There’s not anybody who doesn’t like Andrew. He’s a really nice person and he’s a good guy — so nice, and so kind and generous.”

What’s Next For Amy Robach And TJ Holmes?

While Amy’s friends aren’t on board with her relationship with TJ, it doesn’t seem like she cares too much. The insider explained that “there are people who are super close to her saying, ‘What are you doing? Maybe you should think about this?’ I think she just didn’t want to hear any of that,” and added that Amy is someone “who follows her feelings and gets what she wants. One of her flaws: She falls in love with people — friends and men — and maybe she thinks a little too much on impulse. She’s a bit impulsive.”

So far Andrew Shue himself has not made any comments about the matter. There’s no indication made that he’s filed for divorce from Amy, either. Watch this space.

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