90 Day: The Last Resort Spoilers: Jovi Dufren Seen Partying And Hanging Out With Another Woman, What Happened?

90 Day: The Last Resort is in full swing and Jovi Dufren and his wife, Yara Zaya are both part of the cast.

This series is all about five couples on a therapy retreat for two weeks. The whole idea is that they will mend the wounds in their relationships or they will go their separate ways.

Jovi and Yara haven’t been able to see eye to eye on many issues in their marriage.

Jovi wants to have another baby, but Yara dropped the secret that she has actually been on birth control for quite some time.

This devastated Jovi, but he hasn’t been on his best behavior either.

90 Day: The Last Resort – Is Jovi Dufren Cheating On Yara Zaya?

In the latest episode of the show, Yara was not very happy with Jovi at all. Yara has always had issues with Jovi’s party-boy lifestyle.

Jovi Dufren When she was pregnant, he even went out to a strip club and ended up getting wasted with his friends.

Things have been tough ever since they welcomed their daughter, Mylah and they are doing their best to work on their marriage. From the looks of it though, things aren’t going as well as they thought.

With most of the 90 Day Fiancé shows, there is often a lot of drinking. This is no different on 90 Day: The Last Resort.

Yara has already noticed that Jovi and Angela Deem have a very strong connection. She mentioned that they both like to get drunk so, of course, they’re fast friends.

Angela and Jovi seem to have a great time together, but after a night of drinking, Yara has had enough of her husband hanging out with Angela.

Why Did Yara Get So Mad?

Yara wanted to spend more time with Jovi and thought that she had made it clear to him. She was angry because of the fact that she thought her husband chose to party with Angela and not take the time to be with Yara.

Jovi was hurt by the fact that Yara had to tell everyone that she was taking birth control and he felt it was something that should have been just between the two of them.

When Yara feels as if Jovi has turned his back on her, she tells him, “We have a real problem, I’m telling you right now. If you’re gonna do this to me, we gonna get divorced because… I do not want to do that.”

Yara tells Jovi he needs to go to rehab for his drinking too. Jovi is some serious hot water, but we will have to wait and see what Yara tells him on the newest episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort.

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