90 Day Fiancé Star Julia Trubkina Updates On Robbery Progress

Julia Trubkina90 Day Fiancé fans met Julia Trubkina when she starred with Brandon Gibbs. If you don’t know, he met her in Russia during his travels. These days, they live stateside, but she has a few problems at the moment. Recently, she was robbed, and now she updated TLC fans on the outcome of her experience.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – The Troubles Of Julia Trubkina

There was a big headache for Julia and Brandon when she lost her documents, cards, and money in a robbery. Many people slammed her for being silly enough to actually leave her bag in the car. Anyway, it was even worse because her green card was expiring and she need the documents. At the time, she was terribly upset and she seemed to be very down about her horrid experience. But things were about to get worse.

When the 90 Day Fiancé star, went looking for her stolen bag, she found it. Of course, it was empty and had been dumped on a neighbor’s property. Unfortunately, when they found the bag, she claimed that she nearly ended up being shot as a neighbor threatened her. Apparently, they were convinced that the TLC star was actually a drug dealer. A month has gone by, and now, she updated fans on the police investigation.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Julia Trubkina Updates Her Fans

On Monday, May 22, Julia took to her Instagram Stories and gave her followers an update about the police report. Did they find the culprits? Well, nope. In fact, she claimed that they didn’t even bother to show up to investigate anything. Allegedly, “no one called me,” she said, and “no one tried to find these people.” Angrily, she talked about how she can’t even think of the robbers as “people.” 

90 Day Fiancé Star Julia Trubkina Updates On Robbery Progress
Julia Trubkina / Instagram Stories

Naturally, the 90 Day Fiancé star is angry because she feels that if the cops can’t be bothered to do their job, then it gives the criminals an open door to keep on offending. Perhaps the way the police operate in the USA differs from Russian cops. Anyway, ranting about it probably won’t make the slightest difference. Still, theft makes people feel violated and insecure.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Getting Out Of The USA

90 Day Fiancé fans heard from Julia Trubkina in April, that she wanted to meet with her family. Probably, she managed to get her documents sorted out. Anyway, she asked fans for ideas on places to meet them that didn’t involve actually flying all the way to Russia. Perhaps the loss of her cards hit them in the pocket.

Hopefully, a break from America will help her to feel a bit happier about her life.

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