90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Who Is Usman Umar’s New Girlfriend

Usman Umar90 Day Fiance spoilers and updates reveal that Usman Umar (aka Soja Boy) is in love again, and may have a new girlfriend.  Who is the lucky lady?  Or unlucky lady?

Usman Umar became a ratings cash cow for the 90 Day Fiance franchise when he made his debut with Lisa “Baby Girl” Hamme.  Despite being old enough to be his mother, Lisa traveled to Africa to marry the rapper, and we all know how that relationship turned out.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers  – Usman Umar Teases 90 Day Fiance Fans With New Woman

But, Soja Boy is the gift that keeps on giving for 90 Day Fiance cameras, and he returned to the series a few seasons later with his new wife-to-be Kim Menzies.  It didn’t take long before we realized that Usman definitely has a type, and possibly mommy issues, and desperately wants to move to America.  His relationship with Kim also crashed and burned on 90 Day Fiance, but the two seem to be friends still.

A few days ago the 90 Day Fiance star and aspiring rapper took to Instagram and announced that he is “in love again.”  However, he was very vague and didn’t explain who or what he was in love with, or whether or not he was even being serious.  There’s also the language barrier, so he may not have even meant what we think he did.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers  –  Is Soja Boy Returning To 90 Day Fiance

Regardless, 90 Day Fiance fans are eager to see who Usman Umar’s new girlfriend is.  Is he really in love?  Or did he just find another American sucker to travel to Africa and meet his family and realize he is playing them?  General consensus among fans is that Usman is going to keep recruiting women from other countries so that he can stay on the show and remain relevant.  At this point we would be more shocked if he introduced someone his own age that lived in his own country.

What do you think?  Is Soja Boy really in love or is he just looking for another love interest so he can return to 90 Day Fiance?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and check back here for more 90 Day Fiance spoilers and Usman Umar news and updates.

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