90 Day Fiancé: Case Against Kelly Brown Reportedly Closed No Charge

Kelly Brown90 Day Fiancé fans often think that Olivia, the daughter of Molly Hopkins caused all of the problems in her mother’s life. Actually, some folks wonder if she’s the reason her mom broke her friendship with Cynthia Decker. Kelly Brown had some serious allegations made against him by Olivia, but reportedly, the charges have been dropped by the police.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Star Olivia Hopkins Accused Kelly Brown

In February, Olivia and Kelly got into a public spat on social media. It came after she emailed him and said some terrible things to him. Naturally, TLC fans followed the story closely. When it emerged that she filed a report of assault and battery, many people took to social media. Trail by social media began and many people assumed Kelly was guilty. Now, it appears that there wasn’t enough evidence to support the claim that Molly Hopkin’s ex had assaulted Olivia.

90 Day Fiancé supporting cast member, Cynthia Decker didn’t seem keen on being involved in the story put out by Olivia. Actually, a lot of fans still love her from her time on Pillow Talk. Recall, she and Molly Hopkins had been friends for decades, but something happened and now they actively seem hostile toward each other. Molly never addressed it, but it certainly seems that things went really sour, really fast. Some folks wonder if Kelly Brown was involved in that, or whether it was something Olivia did.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Case Against 90 Day Fiancé Star Kelly Brown Is Closed

@merrypants on Instagram posted the news that the charges were dropped and the case involving Kelly was closed. A screenshot of part of the document was shared but in the caption, it seemed the admin was furious with those who misjudged Kelly. It said, “The physical abuse allegations reported on Feb 2, 2023 by, Molly’s daughter, Olivia Hopkins for an event that she
reported happened on November 21, 2022 has been CLOSED.”

90 Day Fiance Case Against Kelly Brown Reportedly Closed No Charges
@Merrypants / Instagram

90 Day Fiancé fans who follow Merrypants saw that the caption also ranted about “allegations like physical abuse” that can be extremely damaging. After all, they can literally destroy “the
accused’s reputation and emotional health.” Angry about outlets that reported the story with a guilty slant, the caption also read, “Let’s hope that these publications will now make the same effort in publishing articles that will report about the investigation being closed and Kelly’s name being cleared.”

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – TLC Fans Respond

90 Day Fiancé fans took to the comments section of the post. One of them wrote, “I liked Kelly, that’s sad that he had to go through all that, he deserves better. I’m down to start a petition for him to be on the next season of the single life lol.”

Meanwhile, another follower opined, “[Olivia] should be charged with filing a false police report and with mischief. Kelly should now sue her for this. I have a feeling that Olivia and her mother will put a spin on this to the effect that he’s being protected because he was a cop. Those 2 women are a piece of work.”

Actually, at one stage, Molly Hopkins was very popular. It seems that the report by Olivia to the police made many fans distance themselves from the family. What are your thoughts? Are you glad the case against Kelly has been dropped? Sound off in the comments below.

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