1000-Lb Sisters Fans Think Caleb Willingham Died From A Broken Heart?

Caleb Willingham 1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that fans of the show are curious as to how Caleb Willingham died just a few days ago. He was only 40 years old and was ready to start his life with Tammy Slaton as soon as he got out of the weight loss rehab facility. Tammy met Caleb there and fell deeply in love with him rather quickly. Of course, her family and friends were worried that she was moving too fast with him, but they wanted to be together and from the looks of it, they were deeply in love.

Tammy spoke about Caleb’s death and told her fans that he was her best friend. She is still heartbroken by this tragedy and fans think that he could have died from a broken heart since she wanted to get a divorce. Let’s find out more.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – How Did Caleb Willingham Die?

Caleb’s stepmother is the one who confirmed that he had passed away this week. According to Tammy, his health was getting so bad that she had started to worry about what was next for him. When she checked out of the rehab facility, she had weight loss surgery and was on her way to losing even more weight.

She knew that she had to take care of herself and her health was the most important thing to her. She only wishes that would have been the most important thing to him as well.

Tammy wasn’t happy about the fact that she felt Caleb wasn’t taking his weight loss seriously. All she wanted to do was spend the rest of their lives together and that meant him getting out of the facility and losing more weight.

She had heard that his health was getting worse and according to one source, this was the reason that she held off on the divorce.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Slaton Shares Tribute

When asked how she was feeling about Caleb’s death, Tammy said, “I am devastated to share the news of my husband’s passing. He was my best friend and I loved him dearly. When I met Caleb, he became my guardian angel and now he really is watching over me. Our families appreciate everyone’s sympathy and ask that you respect our privacy at this time.”

Tammy is still struggling with this news and her fans have shown her love and support as she grieves this loss. Even though things were not going that well, it is clear that she still loved him and this has really affected her. We will continue to keep an eye on her through all of this.

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