‘1000-Ib Sisters’ Star Finalizes Divorce After Alleging Domestic Violence

According to court records obtained by The Sun, “1000 Pound Sisters’” Amy Slaton is now officially divorced from husband Michael Halterman, who she shares two sons, Gage and Glenn, with.

The divorce was finalized on September 6, 2023, roughly six months after the initial filing. The date of separation was listed as Feb. 24. At the time, there were some conflict between the exes, so much so Slaton obtained a restraining order against Halterman.

Timeline of Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman’s Marriage Breakdown

In February, Slaton filed an emergency protection order against Halterman after an alleged fight turned violent on Feb. 28.

'1000-Ib Sisters' Star Finalizes Divorce After Alleging Domestic ViolenceAs of March 8, the protection order was amended, allowing Halterman, 40, to have supervised visits with the kids, accompanied by his mother and sister.

On March 13, Halterman filed his first petition for dissolution of marriage with children against Slaton. He requested a case management for him and Slaton, 35.

He further sought to have a civil restraining order that prohibits him and his ex from coming within 500 feet of each other, living near each other, or making public statements or social media posts. This meant that communication between the two had to be carried out on an app approved by the court.

In May, Slaton decided to drop the domestic violence charge, which she reportedly brought against him for becoming violent and throwing things in their Kentucky home during an argument about their divorce.

She called the police that day, and they reported that neither of them were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

After she dropped the charges, they both opted to settle the divorce privately, agreeing to split custody of their kids.

Why Did Amy Slaton And Michael Halterman Divorce?

Sources blamed laziness and jealousy on Halterman’s side as the reason behind the divorce. He was said to be “jealous of her attention toward the kids.” Furthermore, a close source claimed that “No one in the family likes Michael.”

However, Slaton was able to move on from her highschool sweetheart Halterman, even before their divorce was finalized. Reports say she’s been living with her boyfriend, Tony Rodgers.

“It’s official and they have been dating for at least 3 months. She’s been keeping him on the down low, but he’s been living with her in Kentucky,” an insider explained at the time. “From what I know, the kids live with them.”

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