Y&R Spoilers: Chance Dates Sharon, Abby Jealous Too Late

The Young And The Restless - Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd)The Young and The Restless spoilers and updates tease that when Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) starts dating Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) Abby Newman-Abbott-Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) may be jealous. Even though Chance seems to have made his choice to move on after catching Abby cheating, seeing him move on might make her fight for him.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – It Can’t Be Over

Abby can barely accept her marriage is over, but when Chance moved out, reality moved in; he told her they were doomed from the start. Abby can’t believe he feels that way, but things did start falling apart shortly after they married – they had to settle for surrogacy because she couldn’t carry a child. It had to be a blow to his masculinity to accept he couldn’t be the donor, since he had low sperm count, although he was told the condition was temporary.

Then he was called on that mission to Spain and was gone for months on end and even presumed dead, as Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) carried the baby. Perhaps if Chance had been home, Stitch Rayburn (Sean Carrigan) would never have had a chance to kidnap her-but that’s the past.

Y & R Spoilers – Fear For The Future

Abby will continue to fear for the future and how the divorce will impact Dominic Newman-Abbott-Chancellor (Rainn and River Ware) going forward. The Young and the Restless spoilers show Chance thinks Abby and the sperm donor Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) belong together, and maybe that’ll happen anyway eventually. However, it will take a long time for Abby to agree to any of that and to truly let go of Chance and move forward herself. Abby will likely notice Chance getting closer with Sharon, and she’ll try to hold her jealousy inside; even though Sharon’s got what it takes to be a cop’s wife. That was one main problem Abby and Chance were having, he treated his police work like a mistress and didn’t like covering up for Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) machine.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Fighting For Her Man?

But seeing Chance actually moving on with Sharon may give Abby the motivation she needs to fight for her man, even though Chance will likely not budge. The way he sees it, if Abby valued him and their marriage commitment all that much she wouldn’t have jumped Devon’s bones to begin with. But at least he’d see she wants to fix their relationship, even though there is no fix as far as he’s concerned.

Abby will either have to accept things as they are or she’ll have to fight, even if Chance continues to maintain there’s nothing to fight for. Eventually she may see he’s right and she and Devon will reconnect as lovers and Dominic’s parents.

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