The Family Chantel Spoilers: The Marriage Scam Explodes

The Family ChantelThe Family Chantel spoilers reveal that things are getting intense between Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno since he decided that he wanted a divorce. Chantel is now having doubts about whether or not Pedro ever really loved her and if he was just using her for a green card. There are a lot of red flags that add up to the fact that he could have done this all just to get to the states.

The Family Chantel Spoilers – Pedro Jimeno Pleads His Case

In the newest episode of the show, we will see Pedro pleading his case to Thomas Everett, Chantel’s father. When Pedro goes looking for his wife, he discovers her parents instead. Now it looks like he is going to have to defend himself when he really didn’t feel like getting into another fight. Thomas tells Pedro, “You asked me for my daughter’s hand in marriage. I thought it was gonna be like you’re all gonna grow old together. After four or five years, you all are growing apart. It seems like now it could be a marriage scam.”

Pedro defends himself saying, “Let me tell you something, sir, if you believe it was a marriage scam, I could have gotten my citizenship three years ago…I don’t care about citizenship.” Chante’s sister, Winter Everett feels that everything he is saying is very suspicious and he is acting as if he is in the wrong.

The Family Chantel’s – Family Pushes Pedro Jimeno To the Limit

Chantel’s family continues to grill Pedro about this all being a scam and he continues to tell them that he did love Chantel at one point and that they have just fallen out of love like couples do. Of course, her family doesn’t believe that and they think that he has just been in this for the money all along.

What is going to happen with Pedro once the divorce is final? He has started consulting with an immigration attorney about what his rights are and how to continue with this process. We will have to watch The Family Chantel on TLC to find out what happens next.

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