The Chrisley Family Crossover Airs On Coffee Convos Podcast

The Chrisley Family Coffee Convos is just one podcast of three that brought the Chrisley family into focus. Southern Tea, Chrisley Confessions, Coffee Convos, and Savannah’s new podcast each air episodes about the family. After being fairly quiet for some time, Todd and Julie now can’t seem to say enough about their lives. And right now, they are all together for the first time in a long time. When we talk about all of them, we mean Todd, Julie, Savannah, and Lindsie.

The Chrisley Family – Coffee Convos Is Just One Platform For The Chrisleys

This week, Savannah started up a brand-new podcast, Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley. In it, she gave new and old fans a rundown on life as a reality star. It airs every Tuesday, and fans can go along and see the real and raw reality TV star. At the time of the premiere, she told her fans that she will talk about people who impact her life. However, she won’t name names as she worries about lawsuits. If you think that Lindsie might be jealous that her sister also starts a podcast, it seems that it is not the case.

A lot that the latest episode on Coffee Convos covered, also played out on Chrisley Confessions. Actually, USA Network fans know that Todd has a loyal and loving daughter in Savannah. However, things went south for the Chrisley Knows Best family when Julie and Todd became estranged from Lindsie. Nobody really knew why LIndsie became estranged and left the show. But after five years, they got together and talked things out this week.

The Chrisley Family – Coffee Convos With The Chrisley Knows Best Family

Perhaps the reason that Todd and Julie now talk on podcasts is that they potentially face prison time for tax and wire crimes. Although they were granted a motion to file an appeal, they could still end up inside. So perhaps it’s time to clean house. On October 13, it took time for Todd and his wife to get to the point.  Initially, he rambled on about TV and podcasts before they mentioned the estrangement.

The Chrisley Family Crossover Airs On Coffee Convos Podcast
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Coffee Convos revealed that Lindsie left the show because of the family relocating to Nashville. So, she felt the stress of traveling to film. Meanwhile, Will, her husband, didn’t want to film, so there was some tension. Basically, she felt jealous that she couldn’t continue doing the show. Meanwhile, Todd felt that even though they lived just down the road, he never felt like a member of Will’s family. And, he admitted that he moved to Nashville for Savannah.

The Chrisley Family – Triggers For Lindsie Chrisley

Coffee Convos revealed that Todd felt that moving to Nashville hurt Lindsie who felt abandoned. So, he claims that there wasn’t enough communication between them. Meanwhile, Julie claimed that Lindsie should have told them she wasn’t getting on with her “in-laws.” So, they were hurt because Lindsie didn’t “pick up the phone.” Now, Julie regrets going public and saying nasty about Todd’s daughter. Even Todd admitted guilt about that.

There were a lot of tears during the podcast. You can listen to the full story on this LINK HERE.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the various podcasts of the family right now. Come back here often for more Chrisley Knows Best spoilers, news, and updates.

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