Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Lays Blame On Christine for Stopping Reconciliation With Meri

Sister WivesSister Wives spoilers reveal that Kody Brown seems to be laying the blame on Christine for his split with Meri. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown’s Blame Game

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Kody seems to be playing the blame game, according to In Touch. The Brown family patriarch suggested that it was his ex-wife Christine who stopped his reconciliation with Meri Brown prior to his divorce from the Cooking with Just Christine star (via CheatSheet).

“Some of the games that were happening, were things like when we moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, I was trying to reconcile with Meri,” the 53-year-old reality TV star told host Sukanya Krishnan, during the Sunday, December 18, One on One tell-all episode.

“Meri gave me this really cool birthday present, and I’m in this place, telling Janelle [Brown], Christine, and Robyn [Brown] that I might reconcile with Meri. And Christine lost her s—t that day.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Denies Kody’s Allegation

The TLC personality then made the claim that Christine came to “a family party and leaves yelling to one of the kids that she was in a loveless marriage,” adding that it was “two [more] years before she kick[ed] [him] out.”

After Sukanya asked Kody why it was he thought Christine, 50, would act that way and he responded that he was “trying to reconcile with Meri. There’s something wrong in the relationship between Meri and Christine.”

As for Christine? She told her side of the story as well when she was asked why she “always seemed so offended” at Kody’s relationship with Meri, 51.

Christine responded with a question, asking, “Why would I be offended by a marriage that’s broken like that?” During the interview, Kody also called Christine a “game player” who was the one behind the problems that led to the demise of their own marriage in November 2021.

Kody then elaborated on his apparently stressful relationship with Christine, saying “from the time we were married, [there was] manipulation, pouting, temper tantrums. Just behavior things.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – No ‘Sister’ Wives Left

Season 17, which premiered on September 11, was built around the disintegrating marriage between Kody and Christine. After she left the plural marriage, viewers witnessed the dynamic in the family begin to change. Closer to the end of the season, the patriarch had split from, not just Christine, but Janelle, 53, and Meri as well. This left the “Sister Wives” patriarch with only one remaining wife, Robyn, 44, and no more sisters.

Us Weekly reports that Janelle recently confirmed that she and Kody had been separated for several months already. Catch the next installment of the Sister Wives: One on One special on TLC Sunday, January 1, 2023, at 9 PM CST. Return here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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